Mantua, OH: 55th Annual Ox Roast Fair

This 3-day fair held on the grounds of St. Joseph Parish in Mantua, Ohio has something for everyone in your family. Besides the delicious food, there is live entertainment, an air-conditioned dining hall to cool off in, a variety of rides, games and contests. There are also tractor, truck and semi pulls. A variety of trade booths. There will also be a casino area with instant bingo on the grounds.

The famous Ox Roast has always been a part of the fair. 3,500 some lbs of high quality sirloin roast will be prepared in brick-lined pits that take days before the fair to heat up properly. The end result? A slow cooked beef sandwich or sirloin dinner platter that will melt in your mouth.

The Ox Roast Fair runs from Friday the 20th of July until Sunday the 22nd of July.

The St. Joseph parish started out as a small group that founded the mission 154 years ago and grew into a parish that has 900 some registered families. The mission of the parish is to celebrate its unique history and accomplishments while serving the future needs of the community.

Marietta, OH Sweet Corn Festival July 13 & 14

The Marietta Sweet Corn Festival is a symbol of the regions agricultural history. It promotes local agriculture along with higher education. Profits from the festival back a scholarship program that rewards to Washington County High School seniors who pursue degrees in agriculture related areas and other degrees.

At the festival of course you can enjoy hot buttered Ohio sweet corn—along with that, there are events for all ages, foods prepared by local restaurants (besides sweet corn!) and all kinds of contests. One favorite, unsurprisingly is the corn hole tournament. There are also farm animals on display, historical exhibits, hayrides, and country music entertainers. It all takes place in beautiful, historic downtown Marietta.

The festival is dedicated to the growth and success of Marietta and the surrounding area. The festival is intended to bring people together and celebrate the agricultural history of Marietta and its people. Both the festival itself and the scholarship program it supports are intended to demonstrate the community spirit of Marietta and the Sweet Corn Festival.

The festival runs from Friday, July 13th to Saturday, July 14th.

Summer Exhibits at Beech Creek Gardens, Alliance OH, Open

The Beech Greek Gardens, in the Alliance, OH, provides visitors with interesting and unique ways to interact with nature through their summer exhibits. These include the Butterfly House, Caterpillar Nursery and the Amazing Garden Plant Science Center.

Visitors can hand-feed butterflies native to Ohio inside the Butterfly House and learn about their life cycle via the Caterpillar Nursery. The Amazing Garden Plant Science Center provides two dozen interactive and hands-on stations and activities that are all related to nature and environmental science.

Other activities also include touring the botanical gardens, taking hikes on the on-site trails, the Nature Playground, lunch in the picnic areas, and the Nature Store for mementos. Summer time exhibits began in early June and run through September 16th.

The Beech Greek Garden family believes that one’s quality of life and the health of the environment are interconnected. An understanding of nature helps improve both the health of the individual and the environment. Their educational opportunities help visitors understand this interdependence and explore it in a fun, family friendly environment.

Portraits by Yousuf Karsh at the Dayton Art Institute: June 23-September 16

The DAI continues its run of special exhibitions in 2018 with famous portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh. Even if one has never heard of Karsh they’ve likely seen his work. Karsh captured famous portraits of many of the 20th centuries most notable men and women in the realms of medicine, business, entertainment, politics and the arts. Karsh took portraits of many international figures, but his American portraits are often considered his best. 48 black and white portraits make up the exhibition, they are on loan from the National Portrait Gallery’s collection.

Karsh was an Armenian Genocide survivor and migrated to Canada as a refugee. By the 1930’s Karsh was a well-known photographer in Ottawa. Though he traveled all over the world for his work, Ottawa remained his home.

While it is true his American portraits were considered his best, it was his 1941 photo of Churchill that was the break out for his career. Karsh’s portfolio also included over 20 cover photos for Life magazine.

The exhibition at DAI include portraits of Ernest Hemingway, Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol, Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robison, Elizabeth Arden, Warren Buffet, Frank Lloyd Writing, I.M. Pei, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Eleanor Roosevelt, Walt Disney and Jim Henson.

Identifying Poison Ivy

Identifying this common poisonous plant native to Ohio can be tougher than you think. Poison Ivy, in particular, can take many forms and Poison Ivy changes with the seasons. Even in the winter this plant can cause contact dermatitis, though most folks get into trouble with this plant in spring, summer and fall.

While the common wisdom of “leaves of three, let it be” does hold true for Poison Ivy, it is not always possible to identify the plant via this method. A good general practice would be to leave any three leaved plants alone. Poison Ivy often has two smaller mitten-shaped leaves on the outsides and a larger leaf with no “thumb” in the middle. The color changes from red in spring, to green in summer, and yellow to orange in fall.

The other problem with Poison Ivy is that while it does often grow as a vine, as its namesake would suggest, it just as often grows as ground cover or in shrub-like clusters. Poison Ivy likes to grow inside other bushes and the vines like to climb trees. Poison Ivy may even have clusters of green to white berries in spring and summer in addition to green to yellow flowers.

When enjoying the outdoors with friends and family be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for this unfriendly plant even in your own backyard.