The Buckeye Butterfly

Junonia coenia, aka the common buckeye butterfly, prefers to live in sunny, open spaces with less vegetation and some ground with just bare dirt. This makes them common in suburban yards.

The adult buckeye butterfly has a wingspan of about one and five eighths to two and three-fourths inches wide.

The upper side of their body is brown while their large forewings have two organ bars and two “eyespots”—which as one might guess is a spot that resembles an eye. These are thought to discourage predators by making them think the butterfly is a bigger creature than it is. The underneath side of the wind wings are brown or tan in summer and they turn bright red in fall.

In the daytime, males watch for females as they sit on low plants or the bare dirt they prefer. Females lay eggs on the leaf buds of the tops of leaves of plants such as the snapdragon, the toadflax and different kinds of plantains.

The caterpillar is solid black and is a solitary grazer who feasts on leaves. When they become adults the common buckeye butterflies feed on plant nectar from plants like aster, tickseed, chickroy, and peppermint.


Flint, Ohio’s Geological and Anthropological Wonder

Flint is a form of Silica and a kind of quartz. It is a durable rock known for its hardness and brittleness. This allows the rock to easily break when “knapped.” Knapping is a process in which the flint is heated so it chips more easily, and extremely sharp edges can be made. Flint made possible the tools and weapons of Native Americans, things like knives, arrow heads, spear heads and scrapers.

In Ohio many rocks that can be worked into tools like chert, chalcedony, jasper and agate are sometimes referred to as flint. However, flint is really a purer variation of chert. In Ohio, flint can be found in the many limestone layers found around the state or in portions that came here by glacier.

The availability of flint and other workable stones accounts for the vibrant Native American populations that thrived in Ohio. Flint Ridge is a six mile deposit of the rock that is anywhere from 1-12 feet deep, and goes from Licking to western Muskingum Counties. Flint Ridge was quarried by Native Americans for over 12,000 years, allowing the population a continual supply of stone tools. Evidence indicates that some tribes would travel hundreds of miles to quarry flint. The long journey primitive people were willing to take speaks to the importance of this rock in their lives.

Hamburgers Invented by Two Ohio Brothers?

Though it remains unclear who actually invented the hamburger, some historians claim that Canton, Ohio brothers Frank and Robert Menches invented the American classic. These two brothers were selling pork sandwiches at the 1885 Erie Agricultural Fair in Hamburg, NY ran out of pork and couldn’t find a butcher willing to slaughter a pig for them on short notice. The brothers then bought some pieces of beef and ground that up with coffee, brown sugar and some other ingredients.

The story goes that the brothers named the flat, ground patty sandwich after the town the invented it in, Hamburg, NY. Supposedly the demand was so high they continued to tour fairs and festivals to selling their hamburgers.

It wouldn’t be until many years later in 1991 when descendants of the Frank and Robert Menches would pick up the mantel when they discovered a copy of the original recipe.

The family began selling the burgers at fairs, just like the brothers. They are also available in stores as Menches Gourmet Burgers and have also sold on QVC. The company is located in Green, OH.


Famous Ohioans: Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers was born as Leonard Franklin Slye in Cincinnati, Ohio 5 Nov. 1911. His youth was spent mostly in McDermott, Ohio. He attended school there and worked in farm labor. He had wanted to become a doctor or a dentist, though he left high school before he earned his diploma. He worked in a shoe factory to support his siblings and parents.
He moved to California in 1930 being tired of factory work. He worked in lots of blue-collar jobs like driving dump trucks and harvesting peaches. It was here he began his career in country music, joining several country and western bands. Some of these included the Hollywood Hillbillies, the Texas Outlaws, and the International Cowboys.

Roger’s first real deal musical success came in 1934 when he formed the band the Sons of Pioneers. Slye went through a couple name changes landing eventually on Roy Rogers. He chose the name in honor of his childhood dentist, Roy Rodgers.

From the 1930’s to the 1950’s Rogers was a household name, along with his wife Dale Evans, his horse Trigger and dog Bullet. Rogers became one of the biggest stars of his era and is still known has one of the greatest country and western musicians of all time.
Rogers also starred in his own television program, the Roy Rogers Show on CBS which aired for 13 years and spanned two decades (1951-1964). The Sons of Pioneers were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1980 and Roy Rogers (as a solo artist) was inducted in 1988.

Rogers died on 6 Jul. 1998. Portsmouth, Ohio host the Roy Rogers Festival to this day.

NYE Broadcasts 2021

The first celebration of New Years Eve in Times Square was in 1904. The first “ball drop” at Times Square was in 1907. This will be the first New Years Eve in which there will not be a large crowd celebrating in Times Square. However, the entertainment industry wouldn’t dare, for their own sake, to leave celebrators high and dry. The show will go on. The ball will drop at midnight.

The official Times Square New Year’s Eve organizers, Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment have created a six-hour commercial free webcast. The event is closed to the public and will follow New York state health protocols. It will feature Jonathan Bennett returning as the host. Performances will include Andra Day, Gloria Gaynor, The Waffle Crew and the USO Show Troupe.

Other elements of the broadcast will include Jennifer Lopez, Billy Porter, Cyndi Lauper, Jimmie Allen and Machine Gun Kelly for ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest (in its 49th year) and Anitta and Pitbull for Univision’s ¡Feliz 2021.