Experiencing Veterans and Artists Creations: A Special Exhibition of the Rutherford B. Hayes Museum

The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums enlightens the lives, heritage and time of President and First Lady Hayes, translates the American Presidency, Spiegel Grove and relates the significance of each to modern America.

This display is a workmanship venture that unites veterans and artists. EVAC guardians talked with veterans about their encounters, and specialists made a version of prints dependent on their translation of those accounts. The prints are shown with passages from the discussions.

In this show, 12 to 15 pieces made from talks with veterans through the Hayes Presidential Library and Museums Northwest Ohio Veterans Oral History Project will be highlighted in the historical center rotunda. EVAC attempts to connect the frequently shaky hole among military and nonmilitary personnel life. Part of the exhibition will be shown at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

The show will stay at the Hayes Presidential Library and Museums through Jan. 31, 2019.

Light Up Middletown Christmas Light Display

The mission of Light Up Middletown is to raise assets to enhance the Middletown City Parks and to introduce a top-notch event that will draw visitors from all over Ohio.

By working with other neighborhood organizers and light shows, Light Up Middletown would like to make Middletown a center point of holiday celebration.

Visit the season’s dreamiest spectacle that is known for its lights at Smith Park in Middletown. Your adventure starts with a passage of lights. This driving visit has plenty of themed areas. You’ll experience a skimming sea dragon in the lake, Santa’s workshop and sleigh, a penguin town and presents and more. Deer jump over the street and there is something unique around each shining turn.

This entry by donation Christmas celebration show keeps running from late November through the finish of December every year.

Clifton Mills Christmas Light Display

For more than 24 years Clifton Mill has praised the Christmas season in an exceptionally extraordinary manner. Their light presentation includes about 4 million lights which enlighten the plants, the crevasse, the riverbanks, trees and scaffolds.

The flip of one switch turns every one of the lights on the double, changing night into a fantastical winter wonderland. There is a Miniature Village, a Santa Claus Museum and a terrific synchronized lights and music demonstration that includes the old Covered Bridge.
The whole scaffold is canvassed in lights of different hues, as are the trees which flank the extension.

Consistently, on the hour, the majority of the lights at Clifton Mill go out leaving visitors in absolute obscurity. As a quiet falls over the onlookers, symphonic music delicately starts to play a variety of customary Christmas melodies and a portion of the lights on the secured extension start to twinkle on and afterward off once more.

As the music continues, an ever increasing number of lights on the secured scaffold flicker now and again so as to the music, lights on the pseudo trees twirl around and change shading in a way that appears to be unimaginable.

Before the finish of the tune, the music is blasting through Clifton Gorge, the lights on the secured extension have turned out to be entrancing and everybody viewing is totally enchanted. At that point the music closes and the extension lights all go out, by and by leaving visitors in absolute dark. At that point, before most onlookers can pause, about 4 million lights begin again at the same time!

The event runs from 23 Nov. to 23 Dec. 2018.

Curious by Nature: A Print Exhibition by the Springfield Art Museum

This special exhibition includes original paintings and prints by unusual artists Edie and Charley Harper.

C. Harper is well known for his minimal realism that brings to life the essence of his subjects with graceful and sparse visual elements. C. Harper’s work is largely focused on subjects from nature. Through the span of his career C. Harper has painted for the Nation Park Service, the Cincinnati Zoo, and Everglades National Park. He also created a famous series of new works for Ford Times. Charley’s work is an essential part of public awareness, having been widely merchandized.

E. Harper has worked in many mediums like jewelry, sculpture, textile and photography. This exhibition, however, focuses on her print work. Subject matter runs the gamut from Biblical stories, childhood memories and cats. Edie’s work has been the feature of many shows like the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Minimal Realism and Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center’s Graphic Content.

This quirky exhibition provides a once in a life time opportunity to see the Harpers’ prints side by side. This experience is not to be missed for serious art lovers.
The exhibition runs through 25. Nov 2018 at the Springfield Art Museum.

Ohio Craft Museum “Gifts of the Craftsmen” Show

The Ohio Craft Museum’s nineteenth yearly “Gifts of the Craftsmen” presentation and sale will highlight delightful gems, utilitarian ceramics, craftsmanship glass, wood cutting sheets and utensils, unusual creatures, a vast assortment of trimmings and substantially more, by more than 100 fine specialty craftsmen.

Work by new specialists keeps on being included, while long-term top choices will return, including Columbus craftsman Evangelia Philippidis’ prints, welcoming cards and youngsters’ books and in addition earthenware silverware by Archbold, Ohio, craftsman Mark Nafziger.

The Ohio Craft Museum is a program of Ohio Designer Craftsmen, showing five noteworthy presentations every year.

Also, the historical center houses the Craft Research Library and offers instructive workshops and occasions for all ages and dimensions of involvement. Progressing subsidizing for Ohio Designer Craftsmen and the Ohio Craft Museum is given by the Ohio Arts Council, Greater Columbus Arts Council, and the Columbus Foundation.