Annual Bryn Du Art Show

The Bryn Du Art show is a yearly exhibition of juried pieces held at the magnificent Bryn Du Mansion. The beautiful grounds and impressive Federal style home is a vocal point of the 52-acre landscape. The buildings have stood on the property since 1905 in the Village of Granville, Ohio. This 15th annual show is held from the 5th to the 24th of March. It features contemporary, current works of both amateur and professional artists. This is a no-charge, public event.

Originally constructed by a local business magnate, Henry D. Wright, John Jones commissioned the 1905 renovation that stands in Granville today and his tenure is its most famous. During the building of Jones’ legacy many famous people of the era visited the estate. Jones’ served dinner to Warren G. Harding, William Howard Taft and Calvin Coolidge. Famous actresses Katherine Cornell and Lillian Gish both visited the estate as well as musicians Paderewski and Rachmaninoff, both of whom played the Steinway that is still on the estate grounds today.

The Village of Granville currently manages the property by a commission of their creation. This commissions goal is preservation of history and to provide use of the property to the benefit of the Village of Granville.

The historic home, Bryn Du Mansion, has by a corner stone of society in Granville since 1905 of continues to be today. Its history, the legacy of the families who occupied it, and the unique grounds add to the character of charming, modern Granville, OH.