3 Unusual Town Names in Ohio and Their Origins

Here in Ohio, our towns have some pretty unique names. Most people don’t know the meaning behind these 3 Ohio towns—and some aren’t nearly as unusual as they seem. See how many of these meanings you knew about.

If you’ve ever heard of a place called Utopia in Ohio you should know that it does in fact exist—and it has a strange and unusual history. While Utopia, Ohio isn’t technically a ghost town, it’s pretty close. Along the banks of the Ohio River in Clermont County, you’ll find what some consider to be a ghost town, although the town is still home to some residents. Once upon a time, the small unincorporated community was one of the “phalanxes” (or social communes) established in America in the mid-19th century. Today, it’s home to a gas station, a few houses and an underground chapel that may have been used as part of the Underground Railroad.

Between Butler and Warren Counties you can find the town of Blue Ball. Local legend says the town council changed the name of the town in the 1800s to reflect a landmark—a blue metal sphere that was suspended above the intersection of two highways in the middle of town—because passerby had trouble reading the town’s original sign.

Did you know the center of the world is actually right here in Ohio? Well, kind of. Actually, Ohio is just home to a small community named Center of the World, which most people don’t know about. Near Braceville Township, you’ll find this unique (and tiny) community. It consists of homes and a few small retail establishments near the crossroads where State Routes 82 and 5 diverge.
What other weird Ohio town names do you know of?