73rd Annual Daffodil Show at Bryn Du Mansion, Granville, OH

Bryn Du Mansion will hold the 73rd Annual Daffodil Show and Sale the weekend of April 14 and 15 this year. The theme celebrates the Mansion and its history in the village of Granville. Hundreds of daffodils will be on display. You can learn how to plant and arrange daffodils, then, after touring the mansion, you can order your own bulbs.

The show is free. Hours are 12 to 6pm both days.

The Bryn Du Mansion with its 52-acre estate in Granville, Ohio, since 1905. Its history and the families that lived here add to uniqueness of the estate.

A commission established by the Village of Granville manages the property with a mind of historic preservation and providing programs for the community.

The mansion was originally built by Henry D. Wright, a local businessman, as an Italianate Villa-type structure in 1865. It was constructed of sandstone quarried from the property. When Jonas McCune became the owner within a year after construction, the estate was known as McCune’s Villa.

There have been other owners of the property. John Sutphin Jones purchased the property in 1905 after making his fortune in the railroad and coal businesses. Jones renovated the mansion into its current Georgian-Federal style design. He named the estate Bryn Du, meaning Black Hills in Welsh.