Buy Local Apples and Have a Family Fun Day

Maybe it’s the cool weather, but fall seems to be on everyone’s mind lately. But that doesn’t mean that outdoor activities are over yet! Just outside of Kent, Ohio there is a trifecta of activities for all ages available.

The 125 year old Beckwith Orchards offers more than locally grown apples and fabulous, preservative free apple cider – they are famous for their bakery, specifically their fruit pies. Beckwith also encourages patrons to walk through the orchards.

The Portage County Hike and Bike Trail is very nearby Beckwith Orchards if you need to burn off some calories after all that pie and cider. Beckwith Orchards proximity to the trail also make the orchards the a perfect turn around point. Alternatively, you could plan to a trip to start near Beckwiths, do a loop and come back to Beckwiths to end your day.

Not too far away from Beckwiths is Towner’s Woods, part of the Portage County Park District, which provides hiking trails, cross country skiing trails as well as sledding hills (keep this in mind for when winter finally does arrive … hopefully not too soon!). The park is adjacent to Pippin Lake.

Although these locations are just a tad off the beaten path, together they provide plenty of activity to fill a sunny autumn afternoon.