Midnight at Moonville Halloween Festival

The Vinton County Convention and Visitors Bureau has teamed up with the also-local Moonville Rail Trail Association to put on the Midnight at Moonville Halloween-themed festival for the fourth year in a row. It will be held on Saturday 12 Oct. 2019 at the supposedly-haunted Moonville Rail Tunnel near Lake Hope State Park.

The festival will feature regional crafts people, local food vendors, presentations by historians, dramatic performances by storytellers, spooky wagon rides to the Moonville Cemetery, demonstrations of paranormal investigation methods and more.

There will also be scheduled performance by local musicians such as Todd Martin, Ben Davis Jr., Lincoln Mash, Steve Zarate and more.

Moonville itself self is now a ghost town and one of the very few standing Moonville structures is the rail tunnel. In 1856 the only way to Moonville was via the rail route. The narrow tunnel was extremely dangerous for pedestrians and many accidents occurred in and around the tunnel over the years—this is why some believe the tunnel to be haunted.
During the festival patrons will learn about the history of the area as well as the chilling legends that cropped up due to the dangerous rail tunnel. This is a rare chance to learn about the abandoned town of Moonville from an impressive panel of historians and storytellers.

Are you brave enough to stay until sunrise?

Summer Isn’t Over and Neither is the Fun!

If the universe (weather, time, work commitments etc.) have kept you from getting your family into Ohio’s beautiful outdoor habitats it isn’t too late. The real fall weather is still weeks away and Ohio has got plenty to offer as far as locations and activities.

Check the Ohio State Park website: http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/   for locations and activities near you. Many of these parks don’t close until late October. And even though the kids are back in school there is still time to get everyone out and active for a weekend.

Additionally, resources like Only In Ohio and Ohio.org provide information on all kinds of small, local and free or inexpensive events and interesting locations all over the state.

Furthermore, you can check your county, city or township webpage for local activities, parks, and hiking trails. In northeast Ohio the Summit Metro Parks as begun its well-known Fall Hiking Spree program and the Cuyahoga Conservancy for the Cuyahoga National Parks offers lots of family friendly fun.


Beer Brewing Exhibit

The Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum’s Breweriana exhibit is one of the largest displays dedicated to the history of beer in America. Consequently, the exhibit is a must-see, not only for its historical value but for its wonderful graphic art. The special exhibit Breweriana—Preserving the History of the American Brewing Industry portrays America’s brewing past through industry packaging and advertising over the past 130 years.

The diversity of items will quench your thirst for beauty, history, wit and comedy. Coshocton County is eminently suited to host such an extensive and unique display of brewing advertising.

The specialty advertising industry was launched in Coshocton in 1884, and in 1890 a Coshocton company developed the process of printing on metal. Their biggest customer was the beer and whiskey manufacturers. Artists and lithographers flocked to the town to paint the illustrations—handsome couples, smart dogs, beautiful women and funny people—all drinking beer. They also showed how prosperous the breweries were by the plume of smoke blowing from their stacks.

The term “Breweriana” refers to any article containing a brewery name or brand name, particularly collectibles. Hundreds of breweries will be represented by a wide array of objects from tin signs and trays to cans, bottles, coasters and taps. Most of the breweries are long gone, but visitors will recognize the names of the cities and small towns where they once thrived.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot air balloons are a testament to science and human ingenuity that still inspire awe in people young and old despite their reliance on scientific principles which may now seem quaint.

The first untethered and manned hot balloon flight took place in the fall of 1783 in Paris and was captained by Jean-Francois Pilatre De Rozier and Francois Laurent d’Arlandes. The balloon was created by the Montgolfier brothers. The first American flight was undertaken by Jean Pierre Blanchard at the Walnut Street Jail in Philadelphia.

The hot air balloon is the first known aircraft to carry a person—this spirit of human flight is carried on in part by the annual All Balloon Festival.

First held in 1975, the All Ohio Balloon Fest is one the longest-running occasions of its sort throughout the entire existence of the United States. Every August, 30,000 guests of any age accumulate at the Union County Airport in Marysville, Ohio to appreciate sustenance and product sellers, melodic excitement, kids’ exercises, helicopter, plane and inflatable rides, and sky bouncing notwithstanding a wide assortment of conventional and unique molded tourist balloons. Inflatable flights and inflatable gleams are day by day features you won’t have any desire to miss. A non-benefit occasion, all returns from the fest are given to United Way of Union County.

Obetz, OH presents its annual Zucchinifest. The festival is free to attend and features free concerts. But most importantly everything zucchini!

Entertainment includes a nationally known act at Fortress Obetz on Saturday, while local artists will perform at the “Your Stage” throughout the weekend. Sunday is Kids Day, featuring the Columbus Zoo, COSI and bluegrass music performances.

The midway will include rides and games for all, as well as over 20 food vendors with theme appropriate food like zucchini ice cream, fried zucchini, zucchini fritters, zucchini funnel cakes—basically, more zucchini than you can shake a stick at! There are also dozens of arts and crafts vendors offering unique items for sale.

Prizes are awarded for biggest zucchini; smallest zucchini; most unusual; and, best dressed. Local culinary skills will be tested in the categories of dessert, relish, and zucchini bread in the culinary competition.

There is something for everyone at the Obetz Zucchinifest!