Getting the Most From Fall for Foliage Lovers

The peak foliage viewing for Autumn 2015 in Ohio will be between Oct. 5-21, according to Farmer’s Almanac.

Generally accepted wisdom tells us that the rainy year has made for healthy trees which typically means a longer foliage season and a more colorful one. That rain and lower than average temperatures this summer will help as well.

For the real foliage junkies, check out where the Department of Natural Resources will be tracking the change as it migrates across the state with several weekly color reports starting October 1st.The website also lists recommended scenic drives, fall events, places to hike, bike, camp and more.

Future weather patterns could still upset these previous ideal conditions. September needs to have sunny, cool days while nights should be cool and clear. Highs of between 60 and 70 degrees would be ideal, and temperatures about half that warm in the evening. Hard rains or a serious frost could damage the leaves.

The best practice to enjoy the leaves? Get out and enjoy them the moment the color change starts!