Kerry James Marshall Exhibit, Cleveland Museum of Art

For over three decades Kerry James Marshall’s widely lauded work has given the world increased access into the narratives strongly tied to African American identity. Marshall often inserts black protagonists into traditional Western art styles. By this work, Marshall has stood out as one of the most applauded and influential artists of the modern era.
While Marshall is most well-known for his paintings, he also makes a practice of creating works on paper—and these works are the focus of the current exhibition.

The breathtaking exhibition stars a 12-panel woodcut print from 1999, that unfolds like the scenes from a movie. The scenes take the viewer on an overhead perspective of a city grid and slowly into a home. Additionally, other, smaller drawings accompany the centerpiece.

The FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art helped the CMA organize the exhibition.

Open until March 19th, 2019.