Learn About Ohio’s History at Johnston Farm and Indian Agency

Ohio’s history can be explored at many locations around the state, but there may be no other place like the Johnston Farm—here one can explore thousands of years of Ohio history in one place. The location includes ancient mounds built by native Ohioans who knew the land by a different name. The 250 acre site also includes John Johnston’s farm.

There is restored home and several outbuildings that can be toured where you’ll about life in Ohio around 1829. There is also a museum dedicated to the Eastern Woodland Native Americans who lived in the area. You can also take a mule-drawn canal boat ride along a restored section of the historic canal.

For the small settlement of Piqua the Johnston Farm & Indian Agency was the life center of activity. John Johnston settled his here with his family in 1811. He was and Indian Agent but well respected by both the Native Americans and his peers.

Johnston performed Washington’s eulogy, was friends with William Henry Harrison and served as a canal commissioner for some time. He also served as president of philosophical and historical societies in Ohio. He also found the time and energy to help found Kenyon College and serve on Miami University’s board of trustees and was a member of the board at the famous military academy of West Point.