McCook House Memorial

The Carroll County Historical Society was created in August of 1963. Initially its goal was to preserve the historic McCook House which is a state memorial owned by the Ohio Historical Society. Currently the Carroll County Historical Society is managing that property through a lease agreement with the Ohio Historical Society.

Located in Carrollton, Ohio the McCook House is now a memorial to the Fighting McCooks. The historic house was once the home of Major Daniel McCook. McCook and his nine sons along with six nephews became known as the Fighting McCooks because of their contribution to the armed services before the Civil War but especially during it.

Daniel McCook erected the brick house in 1837 on the southwest corner of the public square in Carrollton, Ohio. He and his family occupied the home until 1848. The state of Ohio came to own it in 1941 and it was dedicated to the brave Fighting McCooks as a memorial on October 10, 1947.

When Confederate general John Morgan made his raid into Ohio, Major Daniel McCook was stationed in Cincinnati. McCook was part of the party that went out in pursuit of Morgan. As Morgan tried cross again the Ohio river McCook and an advance party intercepted Morgan, it was during this skirmish that McCook was mortally wounded. He died the next day, July 21, 1863. He is buried in the Spring Grove cemetery.