43rd Dulcimer Days, Coshocton, OH

This festival features many traditional folk instruments beyond mountain and hammered dulcimers including ukuleles, autoharps, bowed psalteries, whistles, guitars and banjos. This year the festival has invited a new instrument, the bodhran. All of the instruments can be experienced through concerts, impromptu jam sessions and workshops. You’ll probably also find people just playing in the streets of the historic Roscoe Village. Musicians come from all over the country to play and compete.

The workshops at Dulcimer Days offer all attendees a way to learn to interact with the featured instruments or to sharpen skills they already have.

Saturday the concert will feature Joe Collins, national mountain dulcimer champion along with Walt Michael, hammered dulcimer adept. The evening will close with the headliners and workshop instructors playing together. Smaller concerts will feature other performers throughout the day.

Dulcimer Days invites people of all ages and is a family friendly event. Musicians at any skill level can participate. Dulcimer Days is a premiere Ohio event which explores the musical roots and cultural heritage of Americana and Folk music.

June 15th-17th

Photographs of Urban Decay and Renewal at Cleveland Art Museum

The Cleveland Art Museum will be featuring a new photography exhibit of 52 photos by photographer Danny Lyon. These photos are a recent gift from George Stephanopoulos and is a part of FRONT (a regional contemporary exhibition). FRONT’s first theme is “An American City: Eleven Cultural Exercises.”

Lyon’s series of documentary photos has set the standard for photographers chronicling America’s aging infrastructure and explores the 1960’s “urban renewal through demolition” style policies.

Lyon was already a respected photographer at the age of 25 when he returned to his home, New York, in 1966 where he settled in Lower Manhattan. He learned that the many boarded up buildings around him—in a 60 some acre area—were all scheduled for demolition. This would mean a total erasure of one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. He knew then his next project should focus on the transformation that was about to take place.

The 52 photographs in this new collection will demonstrate this transition in stark black and white. The exhibit runs until October 7th.

Terracotta Soldiers Come to Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Art Museum will be featuring an exciting new exhibit that showcases 120 some objects that will include some the famous Terracotta figures warriors from ancient China, along with other artifacts like arms, armor, bronze vessels, gold and silver work, jade carvings, jewelry and ceramics. The pieces hail from art museums and historical institutes all over Shaanxi province, China.

All the objects date from the Pre-Qin period (770-221 BC) up until the Qin dynasty (which lasted from 221-206 BC). All the objects come from the emperor’s mausoleum as well as aristocrats’ and nomads’ tombs.

The pieces will help visitors understand the rich cultural heritage—history, myths and burials—of ancient China.

The world-renowned Terracotta Army is a collection of sculptures which represent the army of Qin Shi Huang. Huang was the first Emperor of China. The funerary art was buried with the emperor around 210 BC. They were meant to protect him in the afterlife. Other figures found in the tomb included non-military figures such as court officials, strongmen and acrobats, all presumably meant to serve Huang in the afterlife.

The exhibit runs through the summer to August 12th.

HorseFest, Kirtland, Ohio

HorseFest is two days in which Kirtland, OH residents and out of town visitors celebrate everything equine. The festival includes training technique workshops and demonstrations. As many as 20 breeds will be represented in the activities and demonstrations for equine lovers of all ages. The activities at the festival are intended to introduce visitors to all the different breeds of horses.

The breeds will include, but are not limited to Belgian, Clydesdale, Friesian, Haflinger, Norwegian Fjord, Paint, Standardbred, Thoroughbred and Welsh Cob.

Visitors will be welcome to speak and mingle with the animal’s owners to better get to know the individual animals and their breeds. Children’s activities include miniature horse rides and grooming lessons.

Sat May 20th to Sunday May 21st

3 Ohio Trails Under 1 Mile

Thinking of taking the whole family on a hike? Worried that the kids or other family members might not be able to handle the trail? These three trails will get you and your family active this summer despite age or ability. They all fall in at under 1 mile and will provide everyone with fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Cattail Trail, Garfield Park Reservation
This short but gorgeous .2 mile trail in the Cleveland Metroparks has not only wild flowers and wildlife, but also includes beautiful 1930’s stonework you’ll observe while hiking. The trailhead is near the park maintenance center on Garfield Parkway.

Jane Coates Wildflower Trail, Put-In-Bay
This one might take a little more planning, but the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail, South Bass Island, Put-In-Bay, is a hidden treasure. The .5 mile loop features a unique variety of wildflowers and migratory songbirds. This easy, breath-taking hike can add some spice to any Lake Erie adventure. The trail head is located at 1962 Put-In-Bay Road.

Indian Mound Reserve Trails, Cedarville
The Indian Mound Reserve in Cedarville features more than one under-one-mile trail. While all of the 166 acres are beautiful, Cedar Cliff Falls can be reached via the Upper Rim Trail which is just over half a mile long.