Photographs of Urban Decay and Renewal at Cleveland Art Museum

The Cleveland Art Museum will be featuring a new photography exhibit of 52 photos by photographer Danny Lyon. These photos are a recent gift from George Stephanopoulos and is a part of FRONT (a regional contemporary exhibition). FRONT’s first theme is “An American City: Eleven Cultural Exercises.”

Lyon’s series of documentary photos has set the standard for photographers chronicling America’s aging infrastructure and explores the 1960’s “urban renewal through demolition” style policies.

Lyon was already a respected photographer at the age of 25 when he returned to his home, New York, in 1966 where he settled in Lower Manhattan. He learned that the many boarded up buildings around him—in a 60 some acre area—were all scheduled for demolition. This would mean a total erasure of one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. He knew then his next project should focus on the transformation that was about to take place.

The 52 photographs in this new collection will demonstrate this transition in stark black and white. The exhibit runs until October 7th.