Sauder Village Quilt Show May 1-6

This will be historic Sauder Village’s 42nd annual Quilt Show. This show pays homage to the adept abilities of craftspeople and quilters from all over the Midwest. During the almost week-long show there will be hundreds of the regions finest quilts will be on full-length display, which will truly demonstrate the intricate and labor intensive work it takes to make a quilt. There will also be music, demonstrations as well as workshops guest artists.

Erie Sauder, in 1976, built the living-history village of Sauder. He was of a mind to build a reminder of the pioneering spirit of Ohio’s settlers. He wanted to create something lasting that would demonstrate the values that were used in the founding our country.

The experience available at Sauder Village takes people out of their quickly paced modern lives and brings them into a world that was founded on slow mastering of vocations (like quilting). Sauder Village offers families to unplug and engage with each other. And Sauder Village is the perfect place to do it as Ohio’s largest living history museum.