Summer Exhibits at Beech Creek Gardens, Alliance OH, Open

The Beech Greek Gardens, in the Alliance, OH, provides visitors with interesting and unique ways to interact with nature through their summer exhibits. These include the Butterfly House, Caterpillar Nursery and the Amazing Garden Plant Science Center.

Visitors can hand-feed butterflies native to Ohio inside the Butterfly House and learn about their life cycle via the Caterpillar Nursery. The Amazing Garden Plant Science Center provides two dozen interactive and hands-on stations and activities that are all related to nature and environmental science.

Other activities also include touring the botanical gardens, taking hikes on the on-site trails, the Nature Playground, lunch in the picnic areas, and the Nature Store for mementos. Summer time exhibits began in early June and run through September 16th.

The Beech Greek Garden family believes that one’s quality of life and the health of the environment are interconnected. An understanding of nature helps improve both the health of the individual and the environment. Their educational opportunities help visitors understand this interdependence and explore it in a fun, family friendly environment.