Once Upon A Time….

Jody Victor: Here’s what happened on this day, September 27, in history.

1290 Earthquake in Gulf of Chili China, reportedly kills 100,000
1540 Society of Jesus (Jesuits) founded by Ignatius Loyola
1777 Battle of Germantown; Washington defeated by the British
1779 John Adams negotiates Revolutionary War peace terms with Britain
1787 Constitution submitted to the states for ratification
1821 Mexican Empire declares its independence
1821 Revolutionary forces occupy Mexico City as Spanish withdraw
1825 Railroad transportation is born with 1st track in England
1854 Steamship Arctic sank with 300 people aboard
1863 Jo Shelby’s calvery in action at Moffat’s Station, Arkansas
1877 John Mercer Langston named minister of Haiti
1881 Chicago Cubs beat Troy 10-8 before record small “crowd” of 12
1894 Aqueduct racetrack opens in NY
1905 First published blues composition goes on sale, WC Handy Memphis Blues
1905 Boston’s Bill Dinneen no-hits Chic White Sox, 2-0
1910 First test flight of a twin-engined airplance (France)
1919 Democratic National Committee votes to admit women
1919 Pitcher Bob Shawkey sets then Yank record with 15 strike-outs
1921 Yanks beat Indians 21-7 in Polo Grounds
1923 Lou Gehrig’s 1st homer
1928 US recognizes Nationalist Chinese government
1930 Bobby Jones completes the Grand Slam of Golf
1930 White Sox 1st baseman Bud Clancy didn’t handle the ball at all in a 9 inning game vs St Louis Browns
1931 Lou Gehrig completes his 6th straight season, playing in every game
1937 First Santa Claus school opens (Albion NY)
1938 Ocean liner Queen Elizabeth launched at Glasgow
1939 Warsaw, Poland, surrenders to Germans after 19 days of resistance
1940 Black leaders protest discrimination in US armed forces
1940 Floyd Giebells, 1st game, 2-0 pennant clinching beating Bob Feller
1941 First WW II liberty ship, freighter Patrick Henry, launched
1942 NY Giants beat Wash Redskins 14-7 without making a 1st down
1942 St Louis Cards win NL pennant on last day of the season
1950 Heavyweight champ Ezzard Charles defeats Joe Louis
1953 Bert Bechichar, Baltimore Colts, kicks a 56-yard field goal
1953 Typhoon destroys 1/3 of Nagoya Japan
1954 School integration begins in Wash DC & Baltimore Md public schools
1954 Steve Allen’s “Tonight Show” premiers
1959 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev concludes his US visit
1959 Typhoon Vera, hits Japanese island of Honshu, kills nearly 5,000
1961 Sierre Leone becomes the 100th member of the UN
1962 US sells Israel, Hawk anti-aircraft missiles
1963 At 10:59 AM the census clock, records US population at 190,000,000
1964 Phillies 7th straight loses sends them into 2nd place
1964 Warren Commission released, finding Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone
1967 Phillies Jim Bunning ties NL record of 5, 1-0 losses in a year
1968 Cardinal’s super pitcher Bob Gibson’s 13th shutout of the year
1970 Ken Boswell sets 2nd baseman record of 85 games without an error
1972 First game at Nassau Coliseum, Rangers beat Islanders 6-4 (exhibition)
1973 Nolan Ryan strikesout his 383rd batter of the year
1973 Soyuz 12 carries 2 cosmonauts into Earth orbit (2 days)
1977 Phillies clinch 2nd straight NL East Division title
1979 Congress’ final approval to create Dept of Education
1980 WHOT (Bkln NY pirate radio station) begins on 1620 AM & 92.5 FM
1982 John Palmer becomes news anchor of the Today Show
1985 Hurricane Gloria’s 130 MPH wind hits the Atlantic coast
1986 Senate joins House of Reps voting for sweeping tax reforms
1987 NFL players’ strike
1988 Grand jury evidence shows Tawana Brawley fabricated rape story
1988 Lab tests reportedly show Shroud of Turin not Christ`s burial cloth
1988 Senate votes for major federal tax code changes
1989 Sony purchases Columbia Pictures for $3.4 billion cash
1990 A gunman holds 33 people (killing 1) hostage in Berkley Calif
1990 Deposed emir of Kuwait address the UN General Assembly
1990 Senate Judiciary committee approves Souter’s Supreme Court nomination
1990 Tour de France champion Greg LeMond visits White House
1991 “Princesses” premiers on CBS TV
1991 President Bush decides to end full-time B-52 bombers alert
1991 First scheduled NHL exhibition game in St Petersburg Florida, is cancelled due to poor ice conditions (NY Islanders vs Boston Bruins)

Jody Victor

Those Were The Days

Jody Victor: See how many of these events for this day, July 12, you can remember from history.

526 St Felix IV begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1290 Jews are expelled from England by order of King Edward I
1543 England’s King Henry VIII weds Catherine Parr (6th & last wife)
1690 Orangeman’s yearly celebration (The battle of the Orange) – Actually “Battle of the Boyne” ( 1 July 1690), when Protestant had victory in Ireland
1691 Battle of Aughrim (Aghrim) England, William III beats James II
1774 Citizens of Carlisle, Penn. pass a declaration of independence
1812 US forces led by Gen Hull invade Canada (War of 1812)
1817 First flower show held (Dannybrook, County Cork, Ireland)
1859 Paper bag manufacturing machine patented by William Goodale, Mass
1862 Congress authorizes Medal of Honor
1874 Ontario Agricultural College founded
1874 Start of Sherlock Holmes Adventure, “The Gloria Scott” (BG)
1876 Paul Henry discovers asteroid #164 Eva
1882 First ocean pier in US completed, Washington, DC
1900 114ø F (46ø C), Basin, Wyoming (state record)
1906 Alfred Dreyfus found innocent in France
1909 16th Amendment approved (power to tax incomes)
1910 J Helffrich discovers asteroid #701 Oriola
1912 First foreign feature film exhibited in US-“Queen Elizabeth”-NYC
1914 Babe Ruth makes his baseball debut, pitches for the Red Sox
1920 Lithuania & USSR sign peace treaty, Lithuuania becomes independent rep
1923 K Reinmuth discovers asteroids #997 Priska & #3682
1927 Babe Ruth hits 30th of 60 HRs
1928 First televised tennis match
1931 Cubs & Cards hit a record 23 doubles in a game (2nd game of DH)
1933 Congress passes 1st minimum wage law (33 per hour)
1934 US Disciplinary Barracks on Alcatraz Island abandoned
1946 Vance Dinges hits the only Phillie pinch hit inside-the-park HR
1948 First jets to fly across the Atlantic (6 RAF de Havilland Vampires)
1949 AL beats NL 11-7 in 16th All Star Game, NL makes a record 5 errors
1949 Baseball owners agree to erect warning paths before each fence
1949 LA Rams sign Norm Van Brocklin
1950 ILTF re-admit Germany & Japan in Davis Cup, Poland & Hungary withdraw
1951 Mob tries to keep black family from moving into all-white Cicero Ill
1951 NY Yankees Allie Reynolds no-hits Cleve Indians, 8-0
1954 Major League Baseball Players Assn founded
1955 NL beats AL 6-5 (12 innings) in 22nd All Star Game (Milwaukee)
1957 First President to fly in helicopter-Dwight Eisenhower
1960 Congo, Chad & Central African Republic declare independence
1960 Echo I, 1st passive satellite launched
1960 USSR’s Sputnik 5 launched with 2 dogs
1962 First time 2 manned crafts in space (USSR)
1962 Rolling Stones 1st performance (Marquee Club, London)
1966 26.70 cm (10.51″) of rainfall, Sandusky, Ohio (state record)
1966 Most rain fell in 1 day in Ohio, 10.5″ in Sandusky
1966 NL beats AL 2-1 (10 innings) in 37th All Star Game (Busch, St Louis)
1966 Race riot in Chicago
1966 US Treasury announces it will buy mutilated silver coins at silver
           bullion price at Philadelphia & Denver mints
1967 23 die in Newark race rebellion
1967 5th Mayor’s Trophy Game, Mets beat Yankees 4-0
1967 Blacks in Newark, riot, 26 killed, 1500 injured & over 1000 arrested
1970 Janis Joplin debuts in Kentucky
1971 Juan Corona, indicted for 25 murders
1975 Sao Tom‚ e Pr¡ncipe gains independence from Portugal (Nat’l Day)
1977 First free flight test of space shuttle Enterprise
1978 Sun Bank Building opens
1979 Kiribati (Gilbert & Ellice Is) gains independence from Britain
           “Disco Demolition Night” at Comiskey Park, causes fans to go wild &
           causes White Sox to forfeit 2nd game of a doubleheader to the Tigers
1982 FEMA promises survivors of a nuclear war will get their mail
1984 Geraldine Ferraro, NY became 1st woman major-party VP candidate
1985 Doctors discover a cancerous growth in Pres Reagan’s colon
1985 STS 51-F launch scrubbed at T -3s because of main engine shutdown
1987 Phillies Kent Tekulve pitches his 900th game in relief
1988 Margo Adams alleges Red Sox Wade Bogg’s “Delta Force” revenge plan
1988 USSR launches Phobos II for Martian orbit
1989 NY Yankee pitching great Ron Guidry retires (170-91 .651, 3.29 ERA)
1990 Chicago White Sox Melido Perez no-hits the Yankees 8-0 in a rain
           shortened 6 inning game at Yankee Stadium (7th no-hitter of 1990)

Jody Victor 

Today In History

Jody Victor: Let’s go back in time to see what happened on this day, July 5, in history.

649 St Martin I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
767 [Constantine] begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1643 First recorded tornado in US (Essex County, Massachusetts)
1687 Isaac Newton’s PRINCIPIA published by Royal Society in England
1791 Jos‚ Mar¡a Narv ez discovers Point Grey, now in Vancouver, BC
1808 Battle of Buenos Aires
1811 Venezuela, 1st South American country to gain independence from Spain
1814 Americans defeat British & Canadians at Chippewa, Ontario
1830 France invades Algeria, begins a 40 year conquest
1834 Provisional government established in Oregon Country
1841 Thomas Cook opens 1st travel agency
1843 Committee of 9 appointed to establish civil govt in Oregon Country
1859 Capt NC Brooks discovers Midway Islands
1861 Engagement at Carthage, Missouri
1865 William Booth founded Salvation Army in London
1891 Hail kills 6 horses in Rapid City, SD
1905 NY Giants 18 game win streak ends as Phillies win in 10th
1914 Boston Braves are 15 games back in NL, & win the World Series
1919 Red Sox Babe Ruth hits 2 HRs in a game for his 1st of 72 times
1929 A Deutsch discovers asteroid #1148 Rarahu
1929 WOWO-AM, Indiana returns to air, 1 day after transmitter burns down
1932 Oliveira Salazar becomes dictator of fascist Portugal
1935 First Hawaii Calls radio program is broadcast
1935 Chicago Cubs are 10« games back in NL, & go on to win the pennant
1935 President Franklin Roosevelt signs the National Labor Relations Act
1936 120ø F (49ø C), Gannvalley, South Dakota (state record)
1937 117ø F (47ø C), Medicine Lake, Montana (state record)
1937 C Jackson discovers asteroids #1428 Mombasa & #1430 Somalia
1937 Joe DiMaggio’s 1st grand slammer
1938 Herb Caen’s 1st column in SF Chronicle
1940 Diplomatic relations broken between Britain & Vichy govt in France
1944 Harry Crosby takes 1st rocket airplane, MX-324, for maiden flight
1946 Louis Reard’s bikini swimsuit design debuts at Paris fashion show
1947 Larry Doby signs with Cleveland Indians-1st black player in AL
1948 Britain’s National Health Service Act begins
1948 E L Johnson discovers asteroid #1618 Dawn
1949 NY Giants purchase Monty Irvin & Henry Thompson, their 1st blacks
1950 Law of Return passes, guarantees all Jews right to live in Israel
1951 Junction transistor invention announced, Murray Hill, NJ
1962 Algeria gains independence after 132 years of French rule
1962 Mantle hits 2 homers en route to 4 consecutive homers
1963 First Beatle tune to hit US charts, Del Shannon “From Me to You” at #87
1966 National Guard mobilizes in Omaha after 3rd night of rioting
1966 NYC transit fare rises from 15 to 20
1966 Saturn I rocket launched at Cape Kennedy
1968 John Lennon sells his psychedelic painted Rolls-Royce
1969 Rod Laver wins his 4th Wimbeldon championship
1969 Rolling Stones play a free concert in London’s Hyde Park
1970 Air Canada DC-8 crashes 7 miles from Toronto’s airport killing 109
1971 26th amendment certified (reduces voting age to 18)
1973 “Live & Let Die,” James Bond film premiers
1973 Isle of Man begins issuing their own postage stamps
1975 Arthur Ashe wins men’s single championship at Wimbeldon
1975 Cape Verde Is gain independence after 500 years of Portuguese rule
1977 Pakistan’s army, led by Gen Mohammad Zia ul-Haq, seizes power
1978 Soyuz 30 spacecraft touches down in Soviet Kazakhstan
1981 Rajan Mahadevan recites 31,811 digits of ã from memory
1982 Challenger flies to Kennedy Space Center via Ellington AFB, Texas
1983 Baby girl born in Roanoke, Va., to a mother brain dead for 84 days
1983 NJ Devils purchase AHL Maine Mariners as their farm team
1983 Woman gives birth to baby 84 days after brain death (Roanoke, VA)
1984 Supreme Court weakens 70-year-old “exclusionary rule”-evidence seized
           with defective court warrants can now be used in criminal trials
1985 117ø F (47ø C), St George, Utah (state rec) (103ø spread, UT 1985)
1985 Nicholas Mark Sanders (England) begins circumnavigation of the
           globe, covering 13,035 road miles in 78 days, 3 hr, 30 min
1986 Ingrid Kristiansen of Norway sets 10K woman’s record (30:13.74)
1986 Nancy Reagan cuts red, white & blue ribbon; reopens Statue of Liberty
1987 Australian Pat Cash wins Wimbledon, upsets #1 seed Ivan Lendl
1989 Barry Bond’s HR sets father-son (Bobby) HR record at 408
1989 Mark McGwire’s gets 100th HR, 2nd fastest (1400 at bats) (to Kiner)
1989 Rod Stewart hits his head while on stage & knocks himself out
1989 Toronto Blue Jays are 10 games back in AL, & go on to win the AL East
1990 Zina Garrison upsets Steffi Graf in Wimbeldon semi-finals

Jody Victor 

It Happened Today

Jody Victor: Let’s see what happened on this day, June 28, in history.

767 St Paul I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1245 First Council of Lyons (13th ecumenical council) opens
1635 French colony of Guadeloupe established in the Caribbean
1770 Quakers open a school for blacks in Philadelphia
1776 Charleston, SC repulses British sea attack
1778 Battle of Monmouth, NJ
1778 Mary Ludwig Hayes “Molly Pitcher” aids American patriots
1820 Tomato is proven nonpoisonous
1838 Britain’s Queen Victoria crowned in Westminster Abbey
1859 First dog show held (Newcastle-on-Tyne, England)
1861 Leipzig Observatory discovers short-period (6.2 yrs) Comet d’Arrest
1862 Day 4 of the 7 Days-Battle of Savage’s Station
1874 Freedmen’s Bank closes
1886 C H F Peters discovers asteroid #259 Aletheia
1887 Phillies most lopsided shut-out beating Indianapolis 24-0
1892 Phillies tie club record of 16 straight victories
1894 Labor Day established as a federal employees holiday
1902 Congress authorizes Louisiana Purchase Expo $1 gold coin
1905 Russian sailors mutiny aboard the battleship “Potemkin”
1909 First French air show, Concours d’Avation opens
1914 Assassination of the heir to the throne of Austria, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophia, in Sarajevo by a Serbian Nationalist,Gavrilo Princip. This incident precipitated a war with Serbia, eventually starting WW1
1918 First flight between Hawaiian Islands
1919 Carl Mazes pitches a complete double-header against Yankees
1919 Harry S Truman married Elizabeth Virginia Wallace in Independence
1919 Treaty of Versailles ending WW I signed
1923 Dodgers lost 7-0 lead, as Philles score 8 in bottom of 9th
1924 Tornado strikes Sandusky Ohio & Lorain Ohio, killing 93
1928 Alfred E Smith (NY-Gov) nominated for president at Dem Convention
1928 Friedrich Schmiedl attempted rocket mail in Austria (unsucessful)
1939 Pan Am opens southern route transatlantic air service (Dixie Clipper)
1939 Yankees hit 13 HRs, sweep A’s 23-2 & 10-0
1940 “Quiz Kids?” premiers on radio
1940 Romania cedes Bessarabia to Soviet Union
1942 Dumont TV network begins (WABD NY)
1945 Polish Provisional Govt of National Unity set up by Soviets
1946 Enrico de Nicola becomes 1st pres of Italy
1950 North Korean forces capture Seoul, South Korea [or 01041951?]
1951 “Amos ‘n’ Andy” premiers on CBS TV
1956 First atomic reactor built for private research operates Chicago Ill
1956 Riots break out in Poznan Poland, 38 die
1960 26.42 cm (10.40″) of rainfall, Dunmor, Kentucky (state 24-hour record)
1961 Phils & SF set then record longest night game (5h11m) 7-7 15 inn tie
1964 Organization for Afo-American Unity forms in NY by Malcolm X
1965 First US ground combat forces in Vietnam authorized by President Johnson
1965 A R Klemola discovers asteroid #2179 Platzeck
1967 George Harrison is fined œ6 for speeding
1968 Daniel Ellsberg indicted for leaking Pentagon Papers
1971 Fillmore East closes
1971 Phillies’ Rick Wise hits 2 HRs & no-hits Reds
1971 Supreme Court overturns draft evasion conviction of Muhammad Ali
1971 T Smirnova discovers asteroid #3093
1973 Lawsuit in Detroit challenges Little League’s “no girls” rule
           Black Sports Hall of Fame forms: Paul Robeson, Elgin Baylor, Jesse
           Owens, Jim Brown, Wilma Rudolph, Joe Louis & Althea Gibson elected
1974 Fall of earth & rocks kill 200. (Quebrada Blanca Canyon, Columbia)
1974 Wings release “Band on the Run” & “Zoo Gang” in UK
1975 David Bowie releases “Fame”
1975 Golfer Lee Trevino is struck by lightning at Western Open (Ill)
1977 Supreme Court allows Federal control of Nixon tapes papers
1978 UNICEF chooses rock group Kansas as ambassadors of goodwill
           man claiming reverse discrimination when application was rejected
           Supreme Court orders Cal medical school to admit Allan Bakke a white
1980 NYC transit fare rises from 50 to 60
1982 Prince Chuck & Lady Di name their baby “William”
1983 Bridge section along I-95 in Greenwich, Ct collapsed kills 3
1983 NASA launches Galaxy-A
1985 Discovery ferried back to Kennedy Space Center via Bergstrom AFB, Tx
1986 Kenneth & Nellie Pike challenge Ala Dem runoff win by AG C Graddick
1987 Don Baylor sets career hit-by-pitch mark at 244 (Pitcher Rick Rhoden)
1987 E F Helin discovers asteroid #3680 Sasha
1988 Mike Tyson sues to break contract with manager Bill Cayton
1990 17th annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Jody Victor 

Today’s History Lesson

Jody Victor: Here’s what happened on this day, June 21, in history.

1498 Jews are expelled from Nurenberg Bavaria by Emperor Maximillian
1607 First Protestant Episcopal parish in America established, Jamestown
1633 Galileo Galilei is forced by Inquisition to “abjure, curse, &
           detest” his Copernican heliocentric views
1684 MA Bay Colony’s charter revoked
1768 First US bachelor of medicine degree (Dr John Archer)
1788 US Constitution goes into effect as NH is 9th to ratify
1792 Vancouver meets Spanish ships Sutil & Mexicana off Vancouver, BC
1805 Great Stoneface Mt found in NH
1821 African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AMEZ) Church organizes (NYC)
1834 Cyrus Hall McCormick patents reaping machine
1858 Louisiana chess prodigy Paul Morphy arrives in Europe
1869 The opera “Die Meistersinger” is produced (Munich)
1879 F W Woolworth opens 1st store (failed almost immediately)
1887 Britain celebrates golden jubilee of Queen Victoria
1893 First Ferris wheel premieres (Chicago’s Columbian Exposition)
1894 Workers in Pittsburgh strike Pullman sleeping car company
1900 Dodgers score 7 in top of 11th to go ahead of Phillies, 20-13, In
           bottom of 11th Phillies stalls so umpire forfeits game to Dodgers
1903 Sherlock Holmes “Adventure of The Mazarine Stone” takes place (BG)
1904 Boston Herald tells of Red Sox trade “Dougherty as a Yankee,” 1st
           known reference to NY club as Yankees (became Yankees in 1913)
1906 M Wolf discovers asteroid #601 Nerthus
1913 Tiny Broadwick becomes 1st woman to parachute from an airplane
1916 Boston Rube Forster no-hits NY Yankees, 2-0
1917 Hawaiian Red Cross founded
1919 Germans scuttle their own fleet
1923 Marcus Garvey sentenced to 5 years for using the mail to defraud
1930 Ruth hits 3 HRs as Yanks blow 6-0 lead in 7th & lose 15-7
1933 First Great Lakes-to-Gulf of Mexico barge trip completed, New Orleans
1938 Baseball’s Pinky Higgins gets 12th straight hit
1939 Doctors reveal Lou Gehrig has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
1942 129ø F (54ø C), Tirat Zevi, Israel (Asian record)
1942 Rommel takes Tobruk in North Africa
1943 Federal troops put down racial riot in Detroit 30 dead
1945 Japanese forces on Okinawa surrender to US during WW II
1946 10 die in fire at Baker Hotel, Dallas Texas
1948 First stored computer program run, on Manchester Mark I
1948 Dr Peter Goldmark of CBS demonstrates “long playing record”
           Columbia commits to 33 1/3 rpm records, plans to phase out 78’s
1949 H L Giclas discovers asteroid #1886 Lowell
1962 USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 75,190 m
1963 Pope Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini) succeeds John XXIII
1964 Phillies Jim Bunning pitches perfect game (Mets) on Fathers day, in
           2nd game of DH, Mets get 3 hits, 3 being fewest hits in NL DH
           3 civil rights workers-Michael H Schwerner Andrew Goodman &
           James E Chaney-disappeared after release from a Mississippi jail
1967 Yanks take 5-3 lead in 11th & lose 6-5, in 2nd game Red Sox lead
           3-2 in 9th & Yanks beat them 6-3
1968 Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren resigns
1969 First reported hearing of pirate radio WGHP (With God’s Help Peace)
1969 Zager & Evans release “In the Year 2525”
1970 Brazil wins last Jules Rimet Trophy, soccer championship
1971 50,000 attend Celebration of Life, rock concert, McCrea Louisana
1975 Soyuz 19 returns to Earth
1977 Former White House chief of staff HR Haldeman enters prison
1977 Menachem Begin (Likud), becomes Israel’s 6th PM
1981 12-bottle case of 1979 Napamedoc Cabernet wine auctioned for $24,000
1982 Paul McCartney releases “Take it Away”
1982 Wash DC jury finds John Hinckley Jr innocent by insanity
1985 American, Brazilian & West German forensic pathologists confirm
           skeletal remains exhumed in Brazil were Nazi Dr Josef Mengele
1986 Heike Drechsler of East Germany long jumps 7.45 m (women’s record)
1986 Pres Reagan gives speech defending his judicial appointments
1987 Discovery rolls over from OPF to Vandenberg AFB
1987 Mike Tyson sexually harasses a parking lot attendent
1988 Los Angeles beats Detroit, for the NBA championship
1989 Carlton Fisk becomes AL catcher HR hitter, 307th at Yankee stadium
1989 Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson remarry
1989 Supreme Court rules ok to burn US flag as a political expression
1990 25,000 die in Iranian Earthquake
1990 Little Richard gets a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame
1990 NYC’s Zodiac killer shoots 4th victim, Larry Parham
1990 US House of Reps vote 254-177 to stop US flag burning, doesn’t pass
           At Yankee Stadium rally, Nelson Mandela dons a NY Yankee baseball
           cap & proclaims “I am a Yankee!”
1991 Eleanor Mondale marries Greg “Thunder” Malban (Minn DJ)
1991 Islanders Denis Potvan & Michael Bossy inducted into NHL Hall of Fame

Jody Victor