Today’s History Lesson

Jody Victor: History is being made as we write or read this blog. See how many of these events you lived through on this day, May 17.

0218 7th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet
0352 Liberius begins his reign as Catholic Pope replacing Julius I
0884 St Adrian III begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1525 Battle at Zabern: duke of Lutherans beats rebels
1527 Pánfilo de Narvaéz departs to explore Florida
1536 Anne Boleyn’s 4 “lovers” executed
1544 Scottish Earl Matthew van Lennox signs secret treaty with Henry VIII
1579 Artois/Henegouwen/French-Flanders sign Treaty/Peace of Parma recognizing Spanish duke van Parma as land guardian
1620 First merry-go-round seen at a fair (Philippapolis, Turkey)
1630 Italian Jesuit Niccolo Zucchi, 1st to see 2 belts on Jupiter surface
1631 Earl Johann Tilly attacks Maagdenburg
1648 Emperor Ferdinand III defeats Maximilian I of Bavaria
1672 Frontenac becomes Governor of New France (Canada)
1673 Louis Joliet & Jacques Marquette begin exploring Mississippi
1678 King Charles II & Louis XIV sign secret treaty
1712 Maximilian Emanuel of Bavaria honored as “sovereign of Netherlands”
1733 England passes Molasses Act, putting high tariffs on rum & molasses imported to the colonies from a country other than British possessions
1742 Frederick great (Emperor of Prussia) beats Austrians
1744 French army takes Austrian Netherlands
1750 Tax revolt in Gorinchem
1756 Britain declares war on France (7 Years’ or French & Indian War)
1787 English slave ship Sisters, from Africa to Cuba, capsizes
1792 24 merchants form New York Stock Exchange at 70 Wall Street
1794 Hard frost in southern New England
1803 John Hawkins & Richard French patent the Reaping Machine
1804 Lewis & Clark begin exploration of the Louisiana Purchase
1809 Papal States annexed by France
1814 Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden (National Day)
1814 Norwegian constitution passed by constituent assembly at Eidsvoll
1837 Royal Decides installs the Weapon of Belgium firm(ly)
1845 Rubber band patents
1846 Saxophone is patents by Antoine Joseph Sax
1848 Premier Earl Schimmelpenninck resigns
1849 Fire destroy Centrum in St Louis MO
1853 Thorbeckes liberals win 2nd-Parliamentary election
1862 Battle of Princeton WV, ends, about 128 casualities
1863 Battle of Big Black River Bridge, Mississippi
1864 Battle of Adairsville GA, Union forces Confederates to retreat
1871 Indians fighter General Sherman escapes in ambulance vs Comanches
1872 Bohemian Club incorporated
1875 First Kentucky Derby: Oliver Lewis aboard Aristides wins in 2:37.75
1876 7th US Cavalry under Custer leaves Fort Lincoln
1877 Edwin T Holmes installs 1st telephone switchboard burglar alarm
1881 7th Kentucky Derby: Jim McLaughlin aboard Hindoo wins in 2:40
1881 Frederick Douglass appointed recorder of deeds for Washington DC
1881 Revised version of New Testament
1883 Buffalo Bill Cody’s 1st wild west show premieres in Omaha
1884 Alaska becomes a US territory
1890 Clyde Fitch’s “Beau Brummel” premieres in NYC
1890 Comic Cuts, 1st weekly comic paper, published in London
1890 Pietro Costanzi’s opera “Rustic Chivalry” premieres in Rome
1894 19th Preakness: Fred Taral aboard Assignee wins in 1:49¼
1895 W G Grace completes his 100th 100 vs Somerset at Bristol
1899 Victoria & Albert Museum foundation laid England
1900 British troops relieve Mafeking (Cape Colony)
1903 Cleveland Indians beat New York Highlanders 9-2 in Columbus OH
1904 Maurice Ravel’s “Shéhérazade” premieres in Paris France
1905 Waseda University of Tokyo defeats Los Angeles High School 5-3 in baseball
1909 White firemen on Georgia RR strike to protest hiring blacks
1910 Canada sets the designs for the 1¢-50¢ coins
1911 36th Preakness: Eddie Dugan aboard Watervale wins in 1:51
1915 40th Preakness: Douglas Hoffman aboard Rhine Maiden wins in 1:58
1915 Cubs George “Zip” Zabel relieves with 2 outs in 1st & winds up with 4-3 19-inning win over Brooklyn in longest relief job ever
1915 Last liberal British Government of Asquith falls
1915 National Baptist Convention chartered
1916 British Summer Time (Daylight Savings), 1st introduced
1920 First De Havilland double-decker flight (London) lands in Schiphol
1920 First flight by Dutch airlines KLM (Koninklijke-Luchtvaart-Maatschappij)
1921 Belgian-Luxembourg sign customs union
1921 President Harding opens (via telephone) 1st Valencia Orange Show
1923 Fire during closing day ceremonies at Grover Cleveland School (South Carolina)
1924 50th Kentucky Derby: John Mooney aboard Black Gold wins in 2:05.2
1925 Cleveland Indian Tris Speaker gets his 3,000th hit
1926 Chiang Kai-shek is made supreme war lord in Canton
1926 German Government of Marx takes power
1927 Chicago Cubs beat Boston Braves, 4-3, in 22 innings
1928 9th modern Olympic games open in Amsterdam
1930 56th Kentucky Derby: Earl Sande aboard Gallant Fox wins in 2:07.6
1932 Congress changes the name “Porto Rico” to “Puerto Rico”
1937 Juan Negrin succeeds Largo Caballero as Spain’s premier
1938 Congress approves Vinson Naval Act, which funds a two-ocean navy
1938 Radio quiz show “Information Please!” debuts on NBC Blue Network
1939 First sports telecast-Columbia vs Princeton-college baseball
1940 Germany occupies Brussels, Belgium & begins invasion of France
1940 Nazis bombs Middelburg/B IJzerdrat begins illegal defiance
1941 Pennsylvania declares legal holiday to honor A’s manager Connie Mack
1942 Dutch SS vows loyalty to Hitler
1944 Allied air raid on Surabaja, Java
1944 Chinese/US arm forces take Myitkyina Airport, Burma
1944 General Eisenhower sets D-Day for June 5th
1944 Operation Straightline: Allies land in Netherlands New-Guinea
1945 2 US P-47 Thunderbolts bomb Kiushu
1946 KVP Labor/Communists win 1st post-WW2 Dutch parliamentary elections
1946 President Truman seizes control of nation’s railroads to delay a strike
1947 “Street Scene” closes at Adelphi Theater NYC after 148 performances
1948 Israel liberates Acre, Nebi Yusha & Telel-Kadi
1948 Soviet Union recognized Israel
1949 British government recognizes Republic of Ireland
1952 78th Preakness: Conn McCreary aboard Blue Man wins in 1:57.4
1953 Patty Berg wins LPGA Reno Golf Open
1953 Yanks & Browns use record 41 players in a game
1954 Supreme Court unanimously rules on Brown v Topeka Board of Education reversed 1896 “separate but equal” Plessy Vs Ferguson decision
1955 Dutch Government of Drees resigns
1957 Prayer Pilgrimage, biggest civil rights demonstration to date (District of Columbia)
1958 84th Preakness: Ismael Valenzuela aboard Tim Tam wins in 1:57.2
1958 Emergency crisis proclaimed in Algeria
1959 Sam Snead sets PGA record for 36 holes at 122
1960 First atomic reactor system to be patented, JW Flora, Canoga Park CA
1961 Castro offers to exchange Bay of Pigs prisoners for 500 bulldozers
1962 Marin County withdraws from BART district
1963 Bruno Sammartino beats Buddy Rogers in New York, to become WWF champion
1963 Houston Colt .45’s Don Notterbart no-hits Phillies, 4-1
1963 US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1964 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Muskogee Civitan Golf Open Invitational
1964 Phillies triple play Houston Colt .45s
1966 KFDO (now KVIJ) TV channel 8 in Sayre OK (ABC) begins broadcasting
1967 Dylan’s 1965 UK Tour is released as the film “Don’t Look Back”
1968 European Space Research Organization launches 1st satellite
1968 Frank Howard belts record 8th homerun in 5th straight game
1968 US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1969 “My Wife, My Dog, My Cat” by Maskman & The Agents hits #92
1969 95th Preakness: Bill Hartack aboard Majestic Prince wins in 1:55.6
1969 Baltimore, Cleveland & Pittsburgh agree to go from NFC to the AFC in the NFL
1969 Russian probe Venera 6 landed on Venus
1970 Hank Aaron becomes 9th player to get 3,000 hits
1970 Shirley Englehorn wins LPGA Johnny Londoff Chevrolet Golf Tournament
1970 Thor Heyerdahl crosses the Atlantic on reed raft Ra
1971 Stephen Schwartz’ musical “Godspell” premieres off-Broadway
1971 Washington State bans sex discrimination
1972 Netherlands & China People’s Republic exchange ambassadors
1972 Tottenham Hotspur wins 1st UEFA Cup in London
1973 “Nash at Nine” opens at Helen Hayes Theater NYC for 21 performances
1973 Angels outfielder Bobby Valentine breaks his leg trying to scale wall to prevent a Dick Green homerun during a 5-4 loss to the A’s
1973 Joe Ferguson, hits the 6,000th Dodger homerun
1973 Senate Watergate Committee begins its hearings
1973 Stevie Wonder releases “You are the Sunshine of my Life”
1973 US performs 3 nuclear tests at Rifle CO
1974 Bayern München wins 20th Europe Cup 1 at Brussels
1974 Dmitri Shostakovich completes his 15th String quartet
1975 “Funky Gibbon” by The Goodies hits #79
1975 101st Preakness: Darrel McHargue aboard Master Derby wins in 1:56.4
1975 10cc releases “I’m Not in Love”
1975 Mick Jagger punches a restaurant window, gets 20 stitches
1975 NBC paid $5 million for rights to show “Gone with the Wind” one time
1976 28th Emmy Awards: Mary Tyler Moore Show, Jack Albertson & Michael Learned win
1976 Earthquake in Uzbekistan: 1000’s killed
1977 Menahem Begins Likoed-party wins election in Israel
1978 Lee Lacy hits record 3rd consecutive pinch-hit homerun
1979 -12ºF (-11ºC), on top of Mauna Kea HI (state record)
1979 Emmy 6th Daytime Award presentation
1979 Phillies beat Cubs, 23-22, on 50 hits with 11 homeruns
1980 (Vivekananda Selva) Kumar Anandan sets record of balancing on 1 foot for 33 hours
1980 106th Preakness: Angel Cordero Jr aboard Codex wins in 1:54.2
1980 Major race riot in Miami FL – 16 killed, 300 injured
1980 Paul & Linda McCartney appear on Saturday Night Live
1981 “Inacent Black” closes at Biltmore Theater NYC after 14 performances
1981 Islanders score 5 power play goals against Flyers in a playoff
1981 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Coca-Cola Golf Classic
1983 Israel & Lebanon sign a peace treaty
1983 Stanley Cup: New York Islanders sweep Edmonton Oilers in 4 games
1984 Cincinnati Reds Mario Soto throws 4 strikeouts in one inning
1984 Mai Shanley, 21, (New Mexico), crowned 33rd Miss USA
1985 Les Anderson, catches record 97 lb 4 oz Chinook Salmon, off Alaska
1986 “Chicken Song” by Spitting Image hit #1 on the UK pop chart
1986 112th Preakness: Alex Solis aboard Snow Chief wins in 1:54.8
1987 “Stardust” closes at Biltmore Theater NYC after 102 performances
1987 Ayako Okamoto wins LPGA Chrysler-Plymouth Golf Classic
1987 USS Stark hit by Iraqi missiles, 37 sailors die
1989 Longest Cab Ride Ever: 14,000 miles cost $16,000!
1989 Napoli wins 18th UEFA Cup in Stuttgart
1989 Nelson Mandela receives a BA degree from University of South Africa
1989 Vincent Van Gogh’s “Portrait of Dr Gachet” auctioned for $825 million
1990 Cheers’ star Kelsey Grammer sentenced to jail for 30 days for DWI
1990 Dow Jones average hits a record 2,831.71
1990 European court rules pension rights for both men & women
1990 WIBC Bowling Queens won by Patty Ann
1991 Lupita Jones, 23, of México, crowned 40th Miss Universe
1992 38th Mazda LPGA Championship won by Betsy King
1992 Expos Gary Carter is 3rd to catch 2,000 games (joins Boone & Fisk)
1993 Intel’s new Pentium processor is unveiled
1994 Bakili Muluzi’s UDF wins Malawi presidents/parliamentary election
1996 Alicia Machado, 18, of Venezuela crowned 45th Miss Universe
1996 Habib & Whitaker make 320 for 5th Cricket wicket, Leicestershire vs Worcestershire 1997 123rd Preakness: Gary Stevens aboard Silver Charm wins in 1:54
1997 Sylvester Stallone weds Jennifer Flavin in London
1997 WIBC Bowling Queens won by Sandra Jo Shiery-Odom
1998 44th McDonald’s LPGA Championship

Jody Victor 

Once Upon A Time

Jody Victor: A long time ago, and not so long ago, this is what happened today, May10, in history.

1267 Vienna’s church orders all Jews to wear a distinctive garb
1278 Jews of England imprisoned on charges of coining
1291 Scottish nobles recognize authority of English king Edward I
1427 Jews are expelled from Berne Switzerland
1497 Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci leaves for 1st voyage to New World
1503 Columbus discovers Cayman Islands
1525 Church reformer John Pistorius caught in the Hague
1534 French navigator Jacques Cartier reaches Newfoundland
1559 Scottish Protestants under John Knox uprise against queen-mother Mary
1570 Czar Ivan IV becomes Protestant
1624 Jacob Willekens & Piet Heyn conquer Salvador, Civil rights activist
1652 John Johnson, a free black, is granted 550 acres in Northampton VA
1655 Jamaica captured by English
1676 Bacon’s Rebellion, frontiersmen vs Virginia Government begins
1752 Benjamin Franklins 1st tests the lightning rod
1774 Louis XVI ascends to throne of France
1775 2nd Continental Congress convened in Pennsylvania; issues paper currency for 1st time
1775 2nd Continental Congress names George Washington, supreme commander
1775 Green Mountain Boys capture Fort Ticonderoga NY-American Revolution
1787 Parliament impeaches Warren Hastings
1796 French Government arrest 10 utopists
1796 Napoleon defeats Austria in Battle of Lodi Bridge
1796 Riot after disagreement of patriotic demand in Amsterdam
1797 First Navy ship, the “United States” is launched
1816 English steamship “Defiance” arrives at Rotterdam harbor
1823 First steamboat to navigate the Mississippi River arrives at Fort Snelling
1849 Pack destroys Astor Place opera house in NYC (22 killed)
1857 Indian Mutiny begins with revolt of Sepoys of Meerutkazerne, Delhi
1861 Union troops march on state militia in St Louis MI
1862 Battle of Plum Run Bend TN (Plum Point Bend)
1864 Battles at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia
1864 Skirmish at Ny River VA
1865 President Jefferson Davis is captured by Union Cavalry in Irwinsville GA
1865 Surrender of Sam Jones
1869 Golden Spike driven, completes Promontory Point UT-Transcontinental RR
1870 Jem Mace defends his heavyweight crown against Irish champion Joe Coburn, it lasts 1 hour & 17 minutes, and neither is struck by a punch
1871 Peace of Frankfurt-am-Main concluded between France & Germany; France cedes Elzas
1872 Victoria Woodhull becomes 1st woman nominated for US president
1876 Centennial Fair opens in Philadelphia
1879 Meteor falls near Estherville IA
1880 General Wolseley opens new legislative council in Pretoria
1881 Lighthouse on Ameland begins operation
1889 17th Preakness: W Anderson aboard Buddhist wins in 2:17½
1893 19th Kentucky Derby: Eddie Kunze aboard Lookout wins in 2:39¼
1893 Imperial Institute in London opens
1905 31st Kentucky Derby: Jack Martin aboard Agile wins in 2:100.75
1906 Russia’s Duma (Parliament) meets for 1st time
1907 Paul Dukas’ opera “Ariane et Barbe Bleue” premieres in Paris France
1908 First Mother’s Day observed (Philadelphia)
1909 Winchester’s Fred Toney no-hits Lexington for 17 innings
1910 First aircraft air display held (Hendon, England)
1910 36th Kentucky Derby: Fred Herbert aboard Donau wins in 2:06.4
1910 Halley’s Comet closest approach to Earth in 1910 pass
1913 39th Kentucky Derby: Roscoe Goose aboard Donerail wins in 2:04.8
1913 Yankees commit 8 errors & still beat Tigers 10-9 in 10 innings
1915 Zeppelin drops hundred of bombs on Southend-on-Sea
1916 Disastrous fire in Ellendale ND
1916 Historic Shipport Museum opens in Amsterdam
1917 Atlantic ships get destroyer escorts to stop German attacks
1918 HMS Vindictive sunk to block entrance of Ostend Harbor
1919 45th Kentucky Derby: Johnny Loftus aboard Sir Barton wins in 2:09.8
1919 Race riot in Charleston SC, 2 blacks killed
1921 Luigi Pirandello’s “Sei Personaggi in Cerca d’Autore” premieres
1922 Dr Ivy Williams is 1st woman to be called to the English Bar
1922 WHB-AM in Kansas City MO begins radio transmissions
1924 J Edgar Hoover appointed head of the FBI
1926 52nd Preakness: John Maiben aboard Display wins in 1:59.8
1928 WGY, Schenectady begins regular TV programming
1929 55th Preakness: Louis Schaefer aboard Dr Freeland wins in 2:01.6
1929 64th British Golf Open: Walter Hagen shoots a 292 at Muirfield Gullane
1930 First US planetarium opens (Adler-Chicago)
1930 Clarrie Grimmett takes 10 for 37 vs Yorkshire at Sheffield
1931 Golf ball size hail falls in Burlington NJ
1932 Government declares “Wilhelmus” Netherlands national anthem
1932 Senate chairman Albert Lebrun becomes President of France
1933 Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF) forms
1933 Nazis stage public book burnings in Germany
1933 Paraguay declares war on Bolivia
1933 Suriname worker’s union leader A de Come banish to Netherlands
1936 Manuel Azaña elected President of Spain
1936 Nahas Pasja becomes premier of Egypt
1937 Busmen strike in London
1938 Banning speech on anti-fascism demonstration in Amsterdam
1940 British Local Defense Volunteers (Home Guard) forms
1940 Dutch torpedo boat Johan van Galen sinks
1940 Dutch-Indies Governor Van Starkenborch proclaims end to state of siege
1940 French marines stationed on Aruba
1940 French troops arrive in Zealand/Brabant Netherlands
1940 Nazi armies invade the Benelux countries of Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg
1940 Winston Churchill succeeds Neville Chamberlain as British PM
1941 67th Preakness: Eddie Arcaro aboard Whirlaway wins in 1:58.8
1941 Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess parachutes into Scotland
1941 England’s House of Commons & Holborn Theater destroyed in a blitz
1941 Queen Wilhelmina on Radio Orange warns against treason
1944 Chinese offensive in West-Yunnan
1944 Smith v Allwright (excluding Blacks from primary voting) is illegal
1945 Allies capture Rangoon from the Japanese
1945 Russian troops occupy Prague
1946 Red Sox win 15th straight beat Yankees 5-4, DiMaggio hits Grand Slam
1946 Umberto II succeeds Victor Emmanuel III as king of Italy
1947 “Chocolate Soldier” closes at Century Theater NYC after 69 performances
1947 73rd Preakness: Doug Dodson aboard Faultless wins in 1:59
1948 1st attack by Egyptian irregular forces at Kfar Darom Israel
1948 Winston Churchill visits The Hague
1950 First Netherlands-US telex sent
1951 Z Alexander Looby elected to Nashville City Council
1952 “Shuffle Along” closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 4 performances
1953 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Sacramento Golf Open
1953 KCBD TV channel 11 in Lubbock TX (NBC) begins broadcasting
1954 Bolshoi-ballet does not appear in Paris France
1956 French Government sends 50,000 reservists to Algeria
1956 KFSN TV channel 30 in Fresno CA (ABC/CBS) begins broadcasting
1957 First meeting of legislature of Cameroon
1957 Dmitri Sjostakovitsch 2nd Piano concert, premieres in Moscow
1959 Giants Jim Hearn allows 2 runs against Pirates, game is suspended, Hearn is released & charged with loss 2 months after his retirement
1959 Joyce Ziske wins LPGA Howard Johnson Golf Invitational
1959 Soviet forces arrive in Afghánistán
1960 John F Kennedy wins primary in West Virginia
1960 US atomic sub USS Triton completes 1st circumnavigation of globe under water
1961 “Beyond the Fringe” premieres in London
1963 Decca signs the Rolling Stones on advice of Beatle George Harrison
1964 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Squirt Ladies’ Golf Open Invitational
1966 25ºF lowest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in May
1967 Foundation AZ soccer team forms in Alkmaar
1967 Hank Aaron only inside the park homerun (vs Jim Bunning)
1967 Keith Richards, Brian Jones & Mick Jagger arrested on drug charges
1967 Stockholm Vietnam-Tribunal declares US aggression in Vietnam/Cambodia
1967 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1968 Vietnam peace talks began in Paris between the US & North Vietnam
1969 Apollo 10 transmit 1st color pictures of Earth from space
1969 Turtles play the White House, Mark Volman falls off stage 5 times
1969 US troops begin attack on Hill 937/Hamburger Hill
1970 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Dallas Civitan Golf Open
1970 Brave’s Hoyt Wilhelm pitches in his 1,000th game, loses to Cardinals 6-5
1970 Stanley Cup: Boston Bruins sweep St Louis Blues in 4 games
1971 US special delivery rates go from 45¢ to 60¢
1972 Overloaded South Korean bus plunges into reservoir, killing 77
1972 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1973 27th NBA Championship: New York Knicks beat Los Angeles Lakers, 4 games to 1
1973 9th Mayor’s Trophy Game, Mets beat Yankees 8-4
1973 Establishment of Frente Polisario in Mauritania
1973 Stanley Cup: Montréal Canadiens beat Chicago Blackhawks, 4 games to 2
1974 7th ABA championship: New York Nets beats Utah Stars, 4 games to 1
1975 Brian Oldfield of the US put the shotput 75′, an unofficial record
1978 “Angel” opens at Minskoff Theater NYC for 5 performances
1978 Liverpool wins 23rd Europe Cup I
1979 Federated States of Micronesia becomes self-governing
1979 John McMullen becomes CEO of Houston Astros
1979 Vivekananda (Sri Lanka) completes nonstop cycle ride of 187 hours, 28 minutes, around Vihara Maha Devi Park, Colombo, Sri Lanka
1980 “Happy New Year” closes at Morosco Theater NYC after 17 performances
1981 Amy Alcott wins LPGA Lady Michelob Golf Tournament
1981 François Mitterrand defeats Valery Giscard d’Estang for President of France
1981 Montréal Expo Charlie Lee no-hits San Fransisco Giants, 4-0
1982 WABC-NYC plays its last record (John Lennon’s Imagine) and joins ABC’s All Talk radio network
1983 “Laverne & Shirley” last airs on ABC-TV
1983 Lee Chin Yong performs 170 continuous chin-ups in Seoul
1984 International Court of Justice rules on US blockade of Nicaragua
1985 Challenger transports back to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly Air Force Base
1986 “Rock Me Amadeus” by Falco hit #1 on UK pop chart
1986 Tommy Lee drummer of Motley Crüe marries Heather Locklear
1987 Jody Rosentha wins LPGA United Virginia Bank Golf Classic
1988 Edgar Degas’ “Danseresje of 14” sold for $10,120,000
1989 FC Barcelona wins 29th Europe Cup II
1989 General Manuel Noriega’s Government nullifies country’s elections, which the opposition had won by a 3-1 margin
1990 “Zoya’s Apartment” opens at Circle in Square Theater NYC for 45 performances
1990 French TGV-train hits record speed of 510.6 kph
1990 Howard Stern holds a mock funeral for rival John DeBella
1991 Oakland A’s Jose Canseco is seen leaving Madonna’s apt
1992 “Hamlet” closes at Criterion Theater NYC after 45 performances
1992 Bible Land Museum opens in Jerusalem Israel
1992 Jennifer Wyatt wins LPGA Crestar-Fresh Farm Golf Classic
1993 Fire in clothing factory at Bangkok, kills 145
1993 Last TV appearance of Mies Bouwman
1993 Paul Cézannes still life sells for $28,600,000 in NYC
1993 Premier Lubbers opens Terminal West on Schiphol
1994 “Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public” opens at Lunt-Font NYC for 16 per
1994 Barbra Streisand’s begins 1st concert tour in 30 years
1994 Drew Barrymore (19) files for divorce from Jeremy Thomas (31)
1994 Nelson Mandela sworn in as South Africa’s 1st black president
1994 Silvio Berlusconi forms Italian Government with 5 neo-fascists
1995 30th Academy of Country Music Awards: Reba McEntire wins
1995 Britain lifts a 23-year ban on ministerial talks with Sinn Fein
1995 In South Africa, 104 miners killed in an elevator accident
1996 “Twister” premieres
1996 2 US Marine helicopters collided during joint US & British war games
1997 Chicago Cubs turn baseballs 68th triple play (vs San Fransisco Giants)

Jody Victor 

Those Were The Days

Jody Victor: Here’s what happened on this day, May 3, in history.

1294 John II becomes duke of Brabant/Limburg
1342 Count Hartmann II becomes ruler of Vaduz (Liechtenstein)
1382 Battle on Beverhoutsfield near Brugge
1455 Jews flee Spain
1494 Jamaica discovered by Christopher Columbus; he names it “St Iago”
1512 Pope Julius II opens 5th Council of Lateranen (18th ecumenical council) in Rome
1515 Persian Gulf: Portugese fleet occupies Ormuz
1616 Treaty of Loudun kills French civil war
1621 Francis Bacon accused of bribery
1624 Spanish silver fleet sails to Panamá
1629 French huguenot leader duke De Rohan signs accord with Spain
1640 English Upper house accept Act of Attainder
1654 Bridge at Rowley MA begins charging tolls for animals
1660 Sweden, Poland, Brandenburg & Austria sign Peace of Oliva
1661 Johannes Hevelius observes 3rd transit of Mercury ever to be seen
1662 Royal charter granted Connecticut
1678 French conquering fleet at Curaçao, 1200 die
1715 Edmund Halley observes total eclipse phenomenon “Baily’s Beads”
1722 Pierre de Marivaux’ “La Double Inconstance” premieres in Paris France
1747 Willem IV appointed viceroy of Holland/Utrecht
1765 First US medical college opens in Philadelphia; founded by John Morgan, the School of Medicine belonged to the College of Philadelphia (now the University of Pennsylvania).
1802 Washington DC incorporates as a city
1808 Goya’s “Executions of the 3rd of May”
1810 Lord Byron swims the Hellespont
1815 Battle at Tolentino: Austria beats king Joachim of Naples
1822 Society for the Propagation of the Faith starts (Lyon, France)
1830 First regular steam train passenger service starts
1845 First black lawyer (Macon B Allen) admitted to the bar (Massachusetts)
1845 Fire kills 1,600 in popular theater in Canton China
1846 Mexican army surrounds fort in Texas
1851 Most of San Fransisco destroyed by fire; 30 die
1855 Antwerp-Rotterdam railway opens
1861 General Winfield Scott presents his Anaconda Plan
1861 Lincoln asks for 42,000 Army Volunteers & another 18,000 seamen
1863 Battle of Chancellorsville-Beaten Union army withdraws
1863 Battle of Fredricksburg VA (Marye’s Heights)
1863 Battle of Salem Church VA
1864 3rd day in Battle at Alexandria LA: Confederate assault
1886 M A Maclean elected 1st mayor of Vancouver British Columbia
1898 Camp Merriman established at Presidio (San Fransisco)
1900 26th Kentucky Derby: Jimmy Boland aboard Lieut Gibson wins in 2:06¼
1901 Fire destroyed 1,700 buildings in Jacksonville FL
1902 28th Kentucky Derby: Jimmy Winkfield on Alan-a-Dale wins in 2:08.75
1903 AVC Heracles (SC Heracles ’74) soccer team forms in Almelo
1906 British-controlled Egypt takes Sinai peninsula from Turkey
1909 35th Kentucky Derby: Vincent Powers on Wintergreen wins in 2:08.2
1917 First performance of Ernest Bloch’s symphony “Israel”
1919 Afghánistán Emir Amanoellah begins war against Great Britain
1919 America’s 1st passenger flight (New York-Atlantic City)
1921 West Virginia imposes 1st state sales tax
1922 Mayor Hylan closes streets for building of Yankee Stadium
1922 Salt layer find at Winterswijk
1923 First nonstop transcontinental flight (New York-San Diego) completed
1926 British general strike-3 million workers support miners
1926 Pulitzer prize awarded to Sinclair Lewis (Arrowsmith)
1926 US marines land in Nicaragua (9-months after leaving), stay until 1933
1929 Prussia bans anti-fascists
1932 24 tourists begin 1st air-charter holiday (London-Basle, Switzerland)
1933 First female director (Nellie T Ross) of US Mint takes office
1934 Bradman scores 206 Australia vs Worcestershire, 210 minutes, 27 fours
1936 French People’s Front wins elections
1936 New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio makes his major-league debut, gets 3 hits
1937 Margaret Mitchell wins Pulitzer Prize for “Gone With the Wind”
1938 Concentration camp at Flossenbürg goes into use
1938 Lefty Grove defeats Tigers 4-3 for 1st of record 20 consecutive wins at his home field Fenway Park; he doesn’t lose there until May 12 1941
1938 Vatican recognizes Franco-Spain
1941 67th Kentucky Derby: Eddie Arcaro aboard Whirlaway wins in 2:01.4
1941 German air raid on Liverpool
1942 Japanese troop attack Tulagi, Gavutu & Tanambogo, Solomon Islands
1942 Luftwaffe bombs Exeter
1942 Nazis execute 72 OD’ers in reprisial in Sachsenhausen, Netherlands
1942 Nazis require Dutch Jews to wear a Jewish star
1943 Pulitzer prize awarded to Upton Sinclair (Dragon’s Teeth)
1943 Strike against obligatory labor camps ends, after 200 killed
1943 US 1st armour division occupies Mateur Tunisia
1944 “Meet Me in St Louis” opens on Broadway
1944 Meat rationing ends in US
1945 First Polish armour brigade occupies Wilhelmshafen
1945 Allies arrests German nuclear physics Werner Heisenberg
1945 British troop join in Rangoon
1945 German ship “Cap Arcona” sinks in East Sea, 5,800 killed
1946 International military tribunal in Tokyo begins
1947 73rd Kentucky Derby: Eric Guerin aboard Jet Pilot wins in 2:06.8
1947 Japan forms a constitutional democracy
1948 Pulitzer prize awarded to James Michener & Tennessee Williams
1949 First firing of a US Viking rocket; reached 80 km
1951 New York Yankee Gil McDougald is 5th to get 6 RBIs in an inning (9th)
1952 “Call Me Madam” closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 644 performances
1952 First landing by an airplane at geographic North Pole
1952 78th Kentucky Derby: Eddie Arcaro aboard Hill Gail wins in 2:01.6
1953 Westchester conference of American Library Association proclaims “Freedom to Read”
1953 WTVO TV channel 17 in Rockford IL (NBC) begins broadcasting
1954 KTEN TV channel 10 in Ada-Ardmore OK (ABC) begins broadcasting
1954 Pulitzer prize awarded to Charles A Lindbergh & John Patrick
1954 WHA TV channel 21 in Madison WI (PBS) begins broadcasting
1956 A new range of mountains discovered in Antarctica (2 over 13,000′)
1956 Frank Loesser’s musical “Most Happy Fella” opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 678 performances
1958 84th Kentucky Derby: Ismael Valenzuela aboard Tim Tam wins in 2:05
1958 WINS suspends Alan Freed for causing a riot in Boston, he quits
1959 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Land of the Sky Golf Tournament
1959 Tiger’s Charlie Maxwell hits 4 consecutive homeruns in a doubleheader
1960 Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones’ musical “Fantasticks” premieres in NYC
1961 Warren Spahn pitches a 2 hitter after pitching a no hitter
1962 Express train crashed into wreckage of a commuter train and a freight, killing 163, injuring 400 (Tokyo, Japan)
1963 Leslie Narum is the only Baltimore Oriole to homer on his 1st at bat
1963 Martin Luther King Jr delivers his “I have a dream” speech
1964 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Clifford Ann Creed Golf Invitational
1965 First use of satellite TV, Today Show on the Early Bird Satellite
1965 3rd Mayor’s Trophy Game, Mets beat Yankees 2-1 in 10
1965 Cambodia drops diplomatic relations with the US
1965 Don Steele, begins a 40+ year radio career at KRTH (Los Angeles CA)
1965 KTCI TV channel 17 in St Paul-Minneapolis MN (PBS) 1st broadcast
1965 Pulitzer prize awarded to Irwin Unger (Greenback Era)
1966 WDHO (now WNWO) TV channel 24 in Toledo OH (ABC) begins broadcasting
1967 Black students seize finance building at Northwestern University
1968 Holland Pirate Radio Station VRON becomes Radio Veronica International
1969 “Trumpets of the Lord” closes at Brooks Atkinson NYC after 7 performances
1969 95th Kentucky Derby: Bill Hartack on Majestic Prince wins in 2:01.8
1970 24th NBA Championship: New York Knicks beat Los Angeles Lakers, 4 games to 3
1970 Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Shreveport Kiwanis Golf Invitational
1971 Erich Honecker succeeds Walter Ulbricht as East German party leader
1971 National Public Radio begins programming; 112 NPR stations premiere “All Things Considered”
1971 Nixon administration arrests 13,000 anti-war protesters in 3 days
1971 Pulitzer prize awarded to John Toland (Rising Sun)
1973 Chicago’s Sears Tower, world’s tallest building (443 meters), topped out
1973 Kansas City Royals’ George Brett gets his 1st major league hit
1975 101st Kentucky Derby: Jacinto Vasquez on Foolish Pleasure wins 2:02
1975 Christa Vahlensieck runs female world record marathon (2:40:15.8)
1976 Panamá 747SP lands after record flight around world (46:26)
1976 Pulitzer prize awarded to Saul Bellow (Humboldt’s Gift)
1978 “Sun Day” – solar energy events are held in US
1978 Anderlecht wins 18th Europe Cup II
1978 Last cricket test match appearance for Bobby Simpson, at Kingston
1978 West Indies all set to lose cricket test vs Australia at Kingston till riots end game
1979 Bobby Bonds hits his 300th homerun (2nd to have 300 homeruns & 300 stolen bases)
1979 Martin Sherman’s “Bent” premieres in London
1980 106th Kentucky Derby: Jacinto Vasquez on Genuine Risk wins in 2:02
1980 Giants 1st baseman Willie McCovey hits his 521st & final homerun
1980 Texas Ranger Ferguson Jenkins becomes 4th to win 100 games in American League & National League
1981 “Can-Can” closes at Minskoff Theater NYC after 5 performances
1981 “Moony, Shapiro Songbook” opens & closes at Morosco Theater NYC
1981 Sally Little wins LPGA CPC Women’s Golf International
1982 ABC’s All Talk network begins on radio (2 west coast stations)
1982 New York Times reports that military will get 25% of NASA’s budget
1982 President Reagan begins 5 minute weekly radio broadcasts
1983 Bruins 3-Isles 8-Wales Conference Championship-Isles hold 3-1 lead
1983 Soviet leader Andropov decreases nuclear weapons in Europe
1983 US bishops condemn nuclear weapons
1985 Date of $5 million check in “View to a Kill”
1986 112th Kentucky Derby: Bill Shoemaker aboard Ferdinand wins in 2:02.8
1986 Air Lanka crashes, killing 22
1986 Cubs 3rd baseman Ron Cey hits his 300th & 301st homerun
1986 NASA launches Goes-G, it failed to achieve orbit
1986 New York Yankee Don Mattingly is 6th to hit 3 sacrifice flies in a game
1987 “Mikado” closes at Virginia Theater NYC after 46 performances
1987 Cindy Hill wins LPGA S&H Golf Classic
1987 Miami Herald reports a woman spent Friday & Saturday with Gary Hart
1988 4,200 kg Colombian cocaine in seized at Tarpon Springs FL
1988 Jasper Johns’ “Diver” sold for $4,200,000
1991 356th & final episode of CBS 2nd longest running series Dallas, 2nd only to Gunsmoke
1991 Andy Williams weds Debbie Hass
1992 Baltimore’s Gregg Olson, 25, is youngest to record 100 saves
1992 Beverly Hills 90210’s Gabrielle Carteris marries Charles Isaacs
1992 Danielle Ammaccapane wins LPGA Centel Golf Classic
1992 New York Met Eddie Murray is 24th to hit 400 homeruns
1992 Ohio Glory wins 1st WLAF game (after 6 loses), beat Frankfurt 20-17
1992 Sandra Palmer wins LPGA Centel Senior Golf Challenge
1993 “Kiss of the Spider Woman” opens at Broadhurst NYC for 906 performances
1994 29th Academy of Country Music Awards: Garth Brooks wins
1994 D66/Dutch Liberal Party win Dutch 2nd Parliamentary election
1994 US space probe Clementine launched
1995 “My Thing of Love” opens at Beck Theater NYC for 16 performances
1995 Australia beat West Indies to regain the Frank Worrell Cricket Trophy
1995 David Bell debuts for the Indians (3rd generation player, Gus & Buddy)
1996 Martin Moxon & Michael Vaughan make 362 1st wkt Yorks vs Glam
1997 123rd Kentucky Derby: Gary Stevens aboard Silver Charm wins in 2:02.3
1997 ABC Bud Light Masters Bowling Tournament won by Jason Queen
1997 Garry Kasparov begins chess match with IBM supercomputer Deep Blue

Jody Victor

Today In History

Jody Victor: Everyday there are loads of interesting events. Here’s what happened on this day, April 26, in history.

0757 Paolo Orsini replaces his brother Pope Stephen II, as Paul I
1220 German king Frederick II grants bishops sovereign rights
1478 Pazzi conspirators attack Lorenzo & kill Giuliano de’Medici
1478 Easter is celebrated for the first time
1514 Copernicus makes his 1st observations of Saturn
1532 Sultan Suleiman through Hungary on away to Vienna
1564 William Shakespeare baptized
1607 First British to establish an American colony land at Cape Henry VA
1654 Jews are expelled from Brazil
1655 Dutch West Indies Company denies Peter Stuyvesant’s desire to exclude Jews from New Amsterdam
1677 Emperor Leopold I forms University of Innsbruck
1709 Frisian viceroy Johan Willem Friso marries countess Maria Louisa
1721 Smallpox vaccination 1st administrated
1755 First Russian university opens (Moscow)
1777 Sybil Ludington, 16, rode from New York to Connecticut rallying her father’s militia
1803 Meteorites fall in L’Aigle, France
1814 King Louis XVIII lands on Calais, from England
1819 Odd Fellows Lodge is established
1828 Russia declares war on Turkey to support Greece’s independence
1835 Frédéric Chopins “Grand Polonaise Brillante”, premieres in Paris France
1841 “Bombay Gazette” begins publishing on silk
1853 Dutch King William III disbands 2nd Chamber
1855 Composer Gioacchino Rossini leaves Italy
1865 Battle of Durham Station NC (Greensboro)
1865 Battle of Fort Tobacco VA
1865 Confederate General J E Johnston surrenders Army of Tennessee, at Durham NC
1887 Huntsville Electric Company is established to sell electricity
1890 Henry Morton Stanley inaugurated in London
1893 First Cleveland Board of Park Commissioners forms
1900 American League opener in Cleveland draws 6,500
1904 Bell Telephone Company of Antwerp Belgium forms
1905 Cubs Jack McCarthy becomes only major league player to throw out 3 runners at the plate in 1 game, all were ends of a double play
1906 First motion pictures shown in Hawaii
1907 Jamestown VA Tercentenary Exposition opens
1912 First homerun hit at Fenway Park (Hugh Bradley, Red Sox)
1913 Panamá-Pacific International Exposition opens in San Francisco
1913 Sun Yet San calls for revolt against President Yuan Shikai in China
1915 Italy secretly signes Pact of London with Britain, France & Russia
1920 H Shapley & H D Curtis hold “great debate” on nature of nebulae
1923 English prince Albert (George VI) marries lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
1925 Pulitzer prize awarded to Edna Ferber for “So big”
1926 Karachai Autonomous Region is established in RSFSR (until 1943)
1926 Germany & Russia sign neutrality/peace treaty
1928 Madame Tussaud’s waxworks exhibition opens in London
1929 First non-stop England to India flight lands
1931 Lou Gehrig hits a homerun but is called out for passing a runner, the mistake costs him American League home run crown; he & Babe Ruth tie for season
1932 Jean Anouilh’s “L’Ermine”, premieres in Paris France
1933 Jewish students are barred from school in Germany
1935 Frank Boucher is given the NHL’s Lady Byng Trophy for sportsmanship permanently for winning it 7 of 11 years
1936 Dmitri Shostakovitch completes his 4th Symphony
1937 German Luftwaffe destroys Basque town of Guernica in Spain
1938 Austrian Jews required to register property above 5,000 Reichsmarks
1941 A tradition begins, 1st organ at a baseball stadium (Chicago Cubs)
1941 Potatoes rationed in Holland
1942 Colliery explosion kills 1,549 at Honkeiko Manchuria
1942 Luftwaffe bombs Bath
1944 First B-29 attacked by Japanese fighters, one fighter shot down
1944 Papandreou government in Greece forms
1945 Marshal Henri Philippe Petain, leader of France’s Vichy collaborationist regime during WWII, arrested for treason
1947 “Bless the Bride” musical opens in London
1948 The XP-86 prototype for the Sabre Jet first “officially” breaks the sound barrier. The first operational F-86A Sabres entered service in May of the same year
1950 Last horse race at Havre de Grace Track in Maryland is run
1950 University of Miami ends William & Mary straight tennis match victories at 82
1951 Queen Juliana opens Brielsche Mausoleum
1952 US minesweeper “Hobson” rams aircraft carrier “Wasp”, kills 176
1952 Patty Berg scores 64, best competitive round of golf by a woman
1954 Nationwide test of Salk anti-polio vaccine begins
1954 Far Eastern Affairs conference opens in Geneva
1957 Jamestown VA 350th Anniversary Festival opens
1959 Cuba invades Panamá
1959 Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Betsy Rawls Golf Open
1961 French paratroopers’ revolt suppressed in Algeria
1961 Roger Maris hits 1st of 61 homers in 1961
1962 First Lockheed A-12 flies
1962 Boston Red Sox Bill Monbouquette no-hits Chicago White Sox 1-0
1962 US/UK launch Ariel; 1st international payload
1962 Ariel 1 Launch (1st UK Satellite)
1962 Ranger 4 crash lands on (backside of) Moon
1964 Tanganyika & Zanzibar unite to form Tanzania (Tanzanian Union Day)
1964 18th NBA Championship Boston Celtics beat San Francisco Warriors, 4 games to 1
1964 Marilynn Smith wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
1965 Ives’ 4th Symphony premieres
1966 Arnold “Red” Auerbach retires as Boston Celtic’s coach
1967 “Hallelujah, Baby!” opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 293 performances
1967 KSPS TV channel 7 in Spokane WA (PBS) begins broadcasting
1967 San Marco 2 Launch (1st Equatorial Launch)
1968 Students seize administration building at Ohio State
1968 US underground nuclear test, “Boxcar”, 1 megaton device
1968 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1969 “Celebration” closes at Ambassador Theater NYC after 110 performances
1969 “George M!” closes at Palace Theater NYC after 435 performances
1969 Firestone World Bowling Tournament (Mercury Open) won by Jim Godman
1970 “Company” opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 690 performances
1971 Heaviest rains ever in Bahia district of Brazil, 15″ in 24 hours
1971 San Francisco lightship replaced by automatic buoy
1971 Turkey state of siege proclaimed
1973 “2 Gentlemen of Verona”, musical opens in London
1973 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1974 Landslide in Huancavelica Province Peru creates a natural dam
1974 Nw York Yankees trade Peterson, Beene, Kline & Buskey to Cleveland Indians for Chambliss, Tidrow & Upshaw
1974 Malta adopts constitution
1975 Pittsburgh Penguins 0-New York Islanders 1-Quarterfinals-Islanders win series 4-3
1975 Philadelphia Phillies Mike Schmidt’s 2 homeruns ties National League record of 11 homeruns in April
1976 Pan Am begins non-stop flights New York-Tokyo
1977 New York’s famed disco Studio 54 opens
1978 NASA launches space vehicle S-201
1978 France sends troops to Chad
1980 Iran begins scattering US hostages from the US Embassy
1980 Longest jump by a jet boat is set at 120′
1980 Philadelphia Phillies’ Steve Carlton pitches his 6th 1-hitter (beats St Louis Cardinals)
1980 Gerard Nijboer runs Dutch record marathon (2:09:01)
1980 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1981 “Copperfield” closes at ANTA Theater NYC after 13 performances
1981 Beth Solomon wins LPGA Birmingham Golf Classic
1981 Largest US bank robbery (Tucson AZ), more than $33 million stolen
1982 Argentina surrenders to Britain on South Georgia near Falkland Island
1982 Rod Stewart is mugged, the gunman steals his $50,000 Porsche
1982 CBS radio begins youth oriented broadcast Radio Radio
1982 Gene Michael becomes New York Yankee manager for 2nd time
1983 Boston Bruins 2-New York Islanders 5-Wales Conference Championship-Islanders hold 1-0 lead
1983 Dow Jones Industrial Average breaks 1200 for 1st time
1983 San Antonio spurs beat Denver Nuggets, 152-133 in NBA playoff game
1984 Liverpool’s Cavern Club reopens
1984 President Ronald Reagan visits China
1986 Actor/body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger weds newscaster Maria Shriver
1986 Baseball game between California Angels & Minnesota Twins delayed for 9 minutes by strong winds
1986 Firestone World Bowling Tournament of Champions won by Marshall Holman
1986 France performs nuclear test
1986 Worst nuclear disaster, 4th reactor at Chernobyl USSR explodes, 31 die
1987 “Barbara Cook A Concert…” closes at Ambassador NYC after 13 performances
1988 First TNN Viewers Choice Awards-Randy Travis wins in 5 categories
1988 NBA approves addition of 3rd referee in the 1988-89 season
1988 New York Mets’ Davey Johnson becomes 2nd manager to record 400 victory in 1st 4 years (Al Lopez did it 1st)
1989 AT&T announces New Jersey’s 201 area code will split into 908 & 201
1989 Mike Tyson is ticketed for driving 71 MPH in 30 mile zone in Albany
1990 126 die in a (6.9) earthquake in China
1990 Danny Wood of New Kids, steps on a stuffed animal & twists his ankle
1990 New York court of appeals ends 2½ year legal battle over 1988 America’s Cup by refusing jurisdiction of the case
1990 Nolan Ryan ties Bob Feller’s record of pitching 12 1-hitters
1990 “Accomplice” opens at Richard Rodgers Theater NYC for 52 performances
1991 “Dinosaurs” premieres on ABC-TV
1991 23 killed in Kansas & Oklahoma by tornadoes
1991 Soccer star Diego Maradona, suspended for using cocaine, arrested in Argentina for possession & distribution of illegal narcotics
1992 “Grand Hotel” closes at Martin Beck Theater NYC after 1,018 performances
1992 “Growing Pains”, final episode on ABC TV
1992 “Jelly’s Last Jam” opens at Virginia Theater NYC for 569 performances
1992 “Master Builder” closes at Belasco Theater NYC after 45 performances
1992 “Metro” closes at Minskoff Theater NYC after 13 performances
1992 “Who’s The Boss”, final episode after 8 years on ABC TV
1992 Alex Haley, (Roots), wins 1992 Ellis Island Award, posthumously
1992 Maggie Will wins LPGA Sara Lee Golf Classic
1992 Ozzie Smith steals his 500th base
1993 “Shakespeare for My Father” opens at Helen Hayes NYC for 266 performances
1993 Boeing 737 crashes at Aurangabad, kills 56
1993 NBC announces Conan O’Brien to replace David Letterman
1993 STS-55 (Columbia) launches into orbit
1994 First multi-racial election in South Africa begins [3 days] Dr Nomaza Paintin in New Zealand is 1st black South African to vote
1994 26.9ºC in Prestebakke Norway (Norwegian April high temp record)
1994 Mad About You actress Leila Kenzel (33) weds Neil Monaco (34)
1994 Taiwan Airbus A-300 crashes at Nagoya Japan, 262 killed
1995 Baseball season begins after lengthy strike
1995 Coors Field, opens in Denver, Rockies beat Mets 11-9 in 14 innings
1996 Shaun Pollock takes 4 wickets in 4 balls for Warwickshire in B&H
1996 Sotherby ends 4 day auction of Jackie O stuff-take in $34.5 million
1997 “Life”, opens at Barrymore Theater NYC

Jody Victor

It Happened Today

Jody Victor:Let’s see what happened on this day, April 19, in history.

0607 Comet 1P/607 H1 (Halley) approaches within 0.0898 astronomical units (AUs) of Earth
1451 Alam Shah of Delhi resigns throne
1524 Pope Clemens VII fires Netherlands inquisitor-General French Van de Holly
1529 2nd Parliament of Spiers bans Lutheranism
1539 Charles, protestant German monarch, signs Treaty of Frankrfurt
1552 Mauritius of Saksen captures Karel
1587 Sir Frances Drake sails into Cadiz Spain & sinks Spanish fleet
1591 Chartres surrenders to king Henri IV in France
1619 Theatrum Anatomicum opens in Amsterdam
1713 Emperor Karel VI ends Pragmatic Sanctions
1770 Amsterdam buys Van Aerssens family 1/3 part of Suriname
1770 Captain James Cook 1st sees Australia
1774 CW Glucks opera “Iphigenia in Aulis”, premieres in Paris France
1775 Minutemen Captain John Parker orders not to fire unless fired upon
1775 Revolution begins-Lexington Common, shot “heard round the world”
1782 Netherlands recognizes US
1825 33 patriotic exiles return to Uruguay
1836 Nikolai Gogol’s “Revisor”, premieres in St Petersburg
1837 Cheyney University forms as the Institute for Colored Youth
1839 Treaty of London constitutes Belgium an independent kingdom and Luxembourg a Grand Duchy
1852 California Historical Society forms
1853 Netherlands Van Hall government forms
1861 Baltimore riots – 4 soldiers, 9 civilians killed
1861 Lincoln orders blockade of Confederate ports (Civil War)
1863 Union troops/fleet occupy Fort Huger VA
1864 Naval Engagement at Cherbourg, FR USS Kearsage vs CSS Alabama
1874 Barracks on Alcatraz Island destroyed in fire
1877 The opera “Les Cloches de Corneville” is produced (Paris France)
1890 Henry Morton Stanley is inaugurated in Brussels
1894 Jules Massenet’s opera “Werther”, premieres in NYC
1896 Herzl’s “The Jewish State” is published
1897 First Boston Marathon won by John McDermott of New York in 2:55:10
1897 First performance of Debussy’s “Pelléas et Mélisande”
1898 2nd Boston Marathon won by Ron McDonald of Massachusetts in 2:42:00
1899 3rd Boston Marathon won by Lawrence Brignolia of Massachusetts in 2:54:38
1900 4th Boston Marathon won by Jim Caffrey of Canada in 2:39:44.4
1900 Highest scoring opening game, Phillies beat Braves 19-17 in 10
1901 5th Boston Marathon won by Jim Caffrey of Canada in 2:29:23.6
1902 6th Boston Marathon won by Sam Mellor of New York in 2:43:12
1904 8th Boston Marathon won by Michael Spring of New York in 2:38:04.4
1904 Much of Toronto destroyed by fire
1905 9th Boston Marathon won by Fred Lorz of New York in 2:38:25.4
1906 10th Boston Marathon won by Tim Ford of Massachusetts in 2:45:45
1906 Belgian naval education ship Comte The Stain de Naeyer sets sail
1907 11th Boston Marathon won by Tom Longboat of Canada in 2:24:24
1909 13th Boston Marathon won by Henri Renaud of New Hampshire in 2:53:36.8
1909 Joan of Arc, declared a saint
1910 14th Boston Marathon won by Fred Cameron of Canada in 2:28:52.4
1910 Halley’s comet seen by naked eye 1st time this trip (Curacao)
1911 15th Boston Marathon won by Clarence DeMar of Massachusetts in 2:21:39.6
1911 George Bernard Shaw’s “Fanny’s First Play”, premieres in London
1912 16th Boston Marathon won by Mike Ryan of New York in 2:21:18.2
1913 17th Boston Marathon won by Fritz Carlson of Minnesota in 2:25:14.8
1915 19th Boston Marathon won by Edouard Fabre of Canada in 2:31:41.2
1916 “Bing Boys are Here” opens in London
1916 20th Boston Marathon won by Arthur Roth of Massachusetts in 2:27:16.4
1916 Italians troops conquer Colonel di Lana at Merano
1917 21st Boston Marathon won by Bill Kennedy of New York in 2:28:37.2
1919 23rd Boston Marathon won by Carl Linder of Massachusetts in 2:29:13.4
1919 André Messager ‘s opera “Monsieur Beaucaire” is produced (London)
1919 French assembly decides on 8 hour work day
1919 Leslie Irvin of US makes 1st parachute jump & free fall
1920 24th Boston Marathon won by Peter Trivoulidas of Greece in 2:29:31
1921 25th Boston Marathon won by Frank Zuna of New Jersey in 2:18:57.6
1921 Funeral of last German Emperoress, Augusta Victoria
1922 26th Boston Marathon won by Clarence DeMar of Massachusetts in 2:18 10
1923 27th Boston Marathon won by Clarence DeMar of Massachusetts in 2:23:37.4
1923 New Egyptian law allows suffrage for men, except soldiers
1924 “National Barn Dance” premieres on WLS Chicago
1924 28th Boston Marathon won by Clarence DeMar of Massachusetts in 2:29:40.2
1926 30th Boston Marathon won by Johnny Miles of Canada in 2:25:40.4
1927 “Vagabond King” opens in London
1927 31st Boston Marathon won by Clarence DeMar of Massachusetts in 2:40:22.2
1928 32nd Boston Marathon won by Clarence DeMar of Massachusetts in 2:37:07.8
1928 Japanese troops occupies Sjantung-schiereiland
1928 New York Yankees are out of 1st place for 1st time since May 1926
1929 33rd Boston Marathon won by Johnny Miles of Canada in 2:33:08.6
1930 Clarence DeMar wins his 7th Boston Marathon
1930 34th Boston Marathon won by Clarence DeMar of Massachusetts in 2:34:48.2
1932 36th Boston Marathon won by Paul de Bruyn of Germany in 2:33:36.4
1932 President Herbert Hoover suggests 5 day work week
1933 FDR announces US will leave the gold standard
1933 37th Boston Marathon won by Leslie Pawson of Rhode Island in 2:31:01.6
1934 Shirley Temple appears in her 1st movie, “Stand Up & Cheer”
1934 38th Boston Marathon won by Dave Komonen of Canada in 2:32:53.8
1935 39th Boston Marathon won by John A Kelley of Massachusetts in 2:32:07.4
1936 Anti-Jewish riots break out in Palestine
1937 41st Boston Marathon won by Walter Young of Canada in 2:33:20
1938 42nd Boston Marathon won by Leslie Pawson of Rhode Island in 2:35:34.8
1938 Phil Emmett Mueller & Dodger Ernie Koy both homer in their 1st at bat
1939 Connecticut finally approves Bill of Rights (148 years late)
1939 43rd Boston Marathon won by Ellison Brown of Rhode Island in 2:28:51.8
1940 “Lake Shore Ltd” derails, killing 34 near Little Falls NY
1940 44th Boston Marathon won by Gerard Coté of Canada in 2:28:28.6
1940 Dutch prime minister De Geer declares state of siege
1941 45th Boston Marathon won by Leslie Pawson of Rhode Island in 2:30:38
1941 Bertolt Brecht’s “Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder”, premieres in Zürich
1941 Bulgarian troops invade Macedonia
1941 Milk rationed in Holland
1942 46th Boston Marathon won by Joe Smith of Massachusetts in 2:26:51.2
1943 Jews attack Nazi occupation forces at Warsaw Ghetto under Mordechai Anielewicz
1943 47th Boston Marathon won by Gerard Coté of Canada in 2:28:25.8
1944 Gerard Cote wins his 2nd straight & 3rd career Boston Marathon
1944 Allied fleet attack Sabang Sumatra
1945 Rodgers & Hammerstein musical “Carousel” opens on Broadway
1945 49th Boston Marathon won by John A Kelley of Massachusetts in 2:30:40.2
1945 US aircraft carrier Franklin is heavily damaged in Japanese air raid
1946 Yankees switch from 3rd base to 1st base dug out
1947 AAU record for a 25′ rope climb is set in 4.7 seconds
1947 51st Boston Marathon won by Yun Bok Soh of Korea in 2:25:39
1947 French ship explodes in Texas City harbor, kills about 522
1947 Stanley Cup Toronto Maple Leafs beat Montréal Canadiens, 4 games to 2
1948 52nd Boston Marathon won by Gerard Coté of Canada in 2:31:02
1948 ABC-TV network begins
1948 Chiang Kai-shek elected President of Nationalist China
1949 Yankees dedicate a plaque for Babe Ruth
1949 53rd Boston Marathon won by Gosta Leandersson of Sweden in 2:31:50.8
1950 54th Boston Marathon won by Kee Yong Ham of Korea in 2:32:39
1951 “Tree Grows in Brooklyn” opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 267 performances
1951 55th Boston Marathon won by Shigeki Tanaka of Japan in 2:27:45
1951 General Douglas MacArthur ends his military career
1952 56th Boston Marathon won by Doroteo Flores of Guatemala in 2:31:53
1953 Louise Suggs wins LPGA San Diego Golf Open
1953 WAFB TV channel 9 in Baton Rouge LA (CBS) begins broadcasting
1954 7-time winner of the Boston Marathon, 65-year-old Clarence Demar, runs his last race at Boston finishing 78th
1954 58th Boston Marathon won by Veikko Karvonen of Finland in 2:20:39
1955 59th Boston Marathon won by Hideo Hamamura of Japan in 2:18:22
1956 US actress Grace Kelly marries Monaco’s Prince Rainier III (civil ceremony)
1956 First major league baseball game in New Jersey, Dodgers beat Phillies in Roosevelt Stadium
1956 60th Boston Marathon won by Antti Viskari of Finland in 2:14:14
1958 62nd Boston Marathon won by Franjo Mihalic of Yugoslavia in 2:25:54
1959 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Dallas Civitan Golf Open
1959 Uprising in La Paz Bolivia, fails
1960 Baseball uniforms begin displaying player’s names on their backs
1960 Comiskey Park’s famed “exploding” scoreboard begins operating
1960 64th Boston Marathon won by Paavo Kotila of Finland in 2:20:54
1961 65th Boston Marathon won by Eino Oksanen of Finland in 2:23:39
1962 NASA civilian pilot Joseph A Walker takes X-15 to an altitude of 6,900 meter
1962 66th Boston Marathon won by Eino Oksanen of Finland in 2:23:48
1963 “Hot Spot” opens at the Majestic Theater NYC for 43 performances
1963 67th Boston Marathon won by Aurele Vandendriessche of Belgium in 2:18:58
1964 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Peach Blossom Golf Invitational
1964 Rightist coup in Laos, Suvanna Phuma remains premier
1964 Roger Sessions’ opera “Montezuma”, premieres in West-Berlin
1965 T.A.M.I. Show premieres in London
1965 1st all news radio station (WINS 1010 AM in NYC) begins operating
1965 69th Boston Marathon won by Morio Shigematsu of Japan in 2:16:33
1965 At a cost of $20,000, the outer Astrodome ceiling is painted because of sun’s glare, this causes the grass to die and eventually led to the installation of Astroturf
1966 Roberta Bignay becomes the 1st woman to run in the Boston Marathon
1966 70th Boston Marathon won by Kenji Kimihara of Japan in 2:17:11
1966 In 1st regular season game at Anaheim Stadium, Angels lose 3-1 to Chicago
1967 Beatles sign a contract to stay together for 10 years (they don’t)
1967 US Surveyor III lands on Moon
1967 “Casino Royale” premieres
1967 71st Boston Marathon won by Dave McKenzie of New Zealand in 2:15:45
1967 Yugoslav author Mihaljo Mihaljov sentenced 4½ years
1968 72nd Boston Marathon won by Amby Burfoot (1st American to win since 1957) of Connecticut in 2:22:17
1968 Belgian construction workers strike
1968 National League owners approve expansion for 2 new teams
1969 “Oliver”, Cliff Robertson & Katharine Hepburn win 51st Academy Awards
1970 “Look to the Lilies” closes at Lunt-Fontanne NYC after 25 performances
1970 24th Tony Awards Borstal Boy & Applause win
1970 Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Raleigh Ladies Golf Invitational
1971 Sierra Leone becomes a republic (National Day)
1971 USSR Salyut 1 launched; 1st manned lab in orbit
1971 75th Boston Marathon won by Alvaro Mejia of Colombia in 2:18:45
1971 Charles Manson sentenced to life (Sharon Tate murder)
1972 Bangladesh becomes a member of British Commonwealth
1972 Hungary revises constitution
1972 Micki Grant’s musical “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope” opens at Playhouse NYC for 1,065 performances
1972 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1973 Barbra Streisand records “Between Yesterday & Tomorrow”
1973 George Steinbrenner replaces Mike Burke with Gabe Paul as Yankee president
1973 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1974 Baltimore Oriole Al Bumbry hits an inside-the-park homerun against the New York Yankees
1975 India launches 1st satellite with help of USSR
1976 5th Boston Women’s Marathon won by Kim Merritt of Wisconsin in 2:47:10
1976 80th Boston Marathon won by Jack Fultz of Washington DC in 2:20:19
1978 Yitzhak Navron elected 5th President of Israel
1979 FCC raids & shuts down pirate radio station WFAT (Brooklyn NY)
1979 Following a 6-3 loss to the Orioles, Yankees Goose Gossage & Cliff Johnson brawl, Gossage sustains a sprained ligament in his left thumb
1981 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Florida Lady Citrus Golf
1981 Oakland A’s runs record to 11-0
1981 Rochester Red Wings & Pawtucket Red Sox play to 2-2 tie in 32 innings, game suspended at 4:07 AM (Pawtucket later wins in 33rd)
1981 William Finn’s musical “March of Falsettos”, premieres in NYC
1982 Rosie Ruiz, marathon race cheater, arrested for forgery
1982 Sally Ride announced as 1st woman astronaut
1982 USSR Salyut 7 space station put into orbit
1982 11th Boston Women’s Marathon won by Charlotte Teske of Germany in 2:29:33
1982 86th Boston Marathon won by Alberto Salazar of Oregon in 2:08:51
1982 Guinon Bluford announced as 1st black astronaut
1983 France performs nuclear test
1984 Nemesis, death star of dinosaurs 1st appears in print (Nature magazine)
1985 16th Space Shuttle Mission (51-D)-Discovery 4 returns to Earth
1985 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1986 Michael Spinks beats Larry Holmes in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1987 Jacqueline Blanc, sets women’s downhill ski speed record (124.902 mph)
1987 Los Angeles Clippers end season with a terrible 12-70 record
1987 Brendon Kuruppu scores 201 on Test Cricket debut (Sri Lanka vs New Zealand)
1987 Gregory Robertson does 200-mph free fall to save unconscious skydiver
1987 Jan Stephenson wins LPGA Santa Barbara Golf Open
1987 Last wild condor captured on California wildlife reserve
1987 Milwaukee Brewers score 5 runs in 9th to win 6-4 & record 12th straight American League win
1987 USSR performs underground nuclear test
1989 Kevin Elster (New York Mets), sets errorless shortstop mark at 73
1989 Republic Day in Sierra Leone
1989 Gun turret explodes on USS Iowa, killing 47 sailors
1990 Detroit Pistons & Philadelphia 76’ers get into a fight accruing $162,500 in fines (an NBA record)
1990 Marla Maples appears on ABC’s Prime-Time
1990 Contra guerrillas, leftist Sandinistas & incoming government agree to truce in Nicaragua’s civil war
1991 Battle of the Ages-Heavyweight champion Evander Hollyfield beats 42 year old George Foreman in 12 for heavyweight boxing title
1991 Greyhound Bus posts $195 million loss for 1990
1992 Balki & Mary Ann wed on “Perfect Strangers”
1992 “4 Baboons Adoring the Sun” closes at Beaumont NYC after 38 performances
1992 Dottie Mochrie wins LPGA Sega Women’s Golf Championship
1993 22nd Boston Women’s Marathon won by Olga Markova of Russia in 2:25:27
1993 97th Boston Marathon won by Cosmas N’deti of Kenya in 2:09:33
1993 Branch Dividians/FBI 51 day standoff in Waco TX ends with the deaths of 4 FBI Agents and numerous deaths from suicide of the cult members
1993 Fire in psychiatric institute in South Korea, kills 40
1994 15th Emmy Sports Award presentation
1994 Graeme Obree bicycles world record 10km (11:25.88)
1994 Inkatha ends boycott of South African multi-racial election
1994 Rodney King award $3,800,000 in compensation of police beating
1994 Supreme Court outlaws excluding people from juries because of gender
1995 Chopper 4 1st used on WNBC TV (NYC) news
1995 Truck bomb outside Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, kills 168 & injures 500
1996 Rangers scores 16 in 8th vs Orioles
1996 South Africa defeats Pakistan to win the Pepsi Cup in Sharjah
1997 Renee Slaughter, crowned 14th Miss Hawaiian Tropic International
1997 San Diego Padres & St Louis Cardinals play at Aloha Stadium Hawaii

Jody Victor