Alcohol Free Champagne Toast for New Year’s Eve

Although this recipe is almost certainly much, much sweeter than all but your sweetest champagne, the texture will scratch the itch for those that want a toast but don’t want to indulge in alcohol. For those who are fans of sweet punches this will make a fun New Year’s Eve alternative.

The recipe is simple, stir and combine the first two ingredients in an appropriate container. Serve in champagne flutes for authenticity. Add raspberries. Frozen grapes can also be used to keep drinks cold longer.  Experiment with different clear sodas or ginger ales to perfect the flavor to your taste. For pink champagne add a half a tsp of grenadine to each glass. To cut the sweet, consider substituting in some plain soda water.

2 Liter Bottle of well-chilled ginger ale.

½ can of frozen white grape juice concentrate, thawed.

1 small container raspberries, cleaned and drained.


½ tsp grenadine mixed in glass for “pink” champagne.

Frozen grapes to keep drinks cold longer.

Substitute 1 liter of plain soda water for 1 liter ginger ale to cut the sweetness.