“The Winningest Team in Professional Football History”

Most of you have probably never heard of the Toledo Troopers, but in 1971 they began playing in the Women’s Professional Football League. During their tenure the Troopers became, according to some, the most successful team in professional football history with seven consecutive perfect seasons.

The Troopers played from 1971 to ’79 all under the coaching of Bill Stout. In total 82 different female athletes’ plaid on the team. Five months out of the year they practiced five days a week. For their work each player made $25. These players came from varied backgrounds off the field some were mothers, some students, some businesswomen. The Toledo Troopers advanced the cause for equality in sports long before Title IX legislation was in full effect.

Unsurprisingly the Troopers were met with skepticism and sometimes outright discrimination because they were women. However, once the Troopers began to play all that was laid aside. The Toledo Blade published a 1972 article in which two of their journalists describe their experience scrimmaging with the Troopers. Was noted as saying that if you want to experience pro football don’t play with the men, play the women.

Though successful and fairly popular financial troubles caused the Toledo Troopers to call it quits in 1979. One impact they left on the sports world was their stunning 61-4 lifetime record. And in 1983 the authority on all things football—The Pro Football Hall of Fame—named them the “winningest team in professional football history”.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Amidst the chaos in the kitchen; the clank of forks and spoons against plates; among the familiar arguments of uncles and the noise of the children; through the blare of holiday movies and football on the television; between the first and second round of turkey (and a third round of turkey sandwiches) and a slice of pumpkin pie; before, after or between the rush toward holiday deals—find a moment of silence to give thanks for what you have that others may not and hope that those in need will be taken care of, perhaps taken care of by yourself. Remember that so many of us could do with far less, yet a much greater number could do with much more.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
Jody Victor

Happy Thanksgiving

It looks like the weather in Ohio is going to cooperate for Thanksgiving travel. According to AccuWeather.com the Cleveland area should expect sunny, but cold weather Wednesday and cloudy, cold weather with chance of a snow shower Thursday—no significant accumulation. They predict the same for Akron and Columbus with ever so slightly warmer temperatures. Cincinnati should expect somewhat sunnier weather. However, it looks like winter storms will make leaving Ohio by road difficult. Also, if traveling by air, remember to check the weather and perhaps contact the airline about possible delays. Be safe while traveling!

Although many of us usually plant ourselves in front of football games or movie marathons on Thanksgiving—or perhaps this year participating in the so-called Black Thursday—try setting aside time for something that involves the whole family interacting with each other. If you recall that last two blog entries make some specific suggestions for some free activities outside the home that the whole family can participate in. Even a beloved, but forgotten board game that has been collecting dust can really bring a family together.

With all the turmoil at home and abroad it seems even more important that we take a day, one day, to sit down with loved ones and enjoy each others company, away from the distractions of the modern world that seem to isolate us, rather than bring us together.

Jody Victor

2013 National Football Hall of Fame Festivities for 2013

Well it is that time of year again when the NFL Hall of Fame honors this year’s class of Enshrinees. This year’s class is a strong one:

  • Larry Allen
  • Cris Carter
  • Curley Culp
  • Jonathan Ogden
  • Bill Parcells
  • Dave Robinson
  • Warren Sap

There are plenty of activities in and around Canton, Ohio this week leading up to the game Sunday, August 4, kick off is 8:00 p.m. at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Field at Fawcett Stadium. Check out the entire Festival schedule here.

~ Jody Victor

Today In History

Jody Victor: Here’s what happened on this day, September 13, in history.

122 Building begins on Hadrian’s Wall
604 Sabinian begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1625 Rabbi Isiah Horowith & 15 other rabbis arrested in Jerusalem
1663 First serious slave conspiracy in colonial America (Virginia)
1759 Wolfe defeats Montcalm on Plains of Abraham; Canada becomes English
1788 New York City becomes capital of the United States
1789 First loan to US Govt (from NYC banks)
1849 First US prize fight fatality (Tom McCoy)
1867 Gen E R S Canby orders SC courts to impanel blacks jurors
1882 Britain invades Egypt
1883 Cleveland Hugh Daily no-hits Phila 1-0
1906 First airplane flight in Europe
1922 136.4øF (58ø C), El Aziziyah, Libya in shade (world record)
1925 Brookln Dodger Dazzy Vance no-hits Phillies, 10-1
1927 Waite Hoyt became the only 20 game winner of the 1927 Yankees
1928 KOH-AM in Reno NV begins radio transmissions
1932 NY Yankees clinch their 7th pennant
1936 Cleveland Bob Feller strikes out then record 17 in a game (vs Phila A’s)
1942 Cubs shortstop Leonard Merullo makes 4 errors in 1 inning
1942 German forces attack Stalingrad
1943 Chiang Kai-shek became president of China
1948 Margaret Chase Smith (R-Me) elected senator, 1st woman to serve in both houses of Congress
1949 Ladies Pro Golf Association of America formed in NYC
1959 USSR’s Luna 2 becomes 1st probe to contact another celestial body
1961 “Car 54 Where are You?” premiers on TV
1961 Unmanned Mercury-Atlas 4 launched into Earth orbit
1963 “The Outer Limits” premiers
1963 Yankees clinch their 28th pennant
1965 Beatles release “Yesterday”
1965 Today Show’s 1st totally color broadcast
1965 Willie Mays hits his 500th HR
1970 IBM announces System 370 computer
1971 9 hostages & 28 prisoners die in take over at Attica State Prison
1971 Frank Robinson hits his 500th HR
1971 World Hockey Association formed
1973 ABC announces it obtained TV rights for the 1976 Olympics
1973 Congress passes & sends a bill to President Nixon to lift football’s blackout
1974 Phillies set NL record, using 27 players in a game, St Louis uses 24, tying record of 51. Phils win 7-3 in 17
1976 2nd Enterprise, approach & lands test (ALT) flight (5m28s)
1977 First TV viewer discretion warning-Soap
1977 2nd test of the Space Shuttle Enterprise
1978 NY Yankees win to gain sole possession of 1st place from 14 games back
1979 South Africa grants Venda independence (Not recognized out of S Afr)
1981 33rd Emmy Awards (Hill Street Blues big winner)
1981 April Moon sets women’s handbow distance record of 1,039 yds & 13″
1981 Atlanta Falcons tie record of 31 points in 4th quarter (vs Green Bay)
1981 John McEnroe beats Bj”rn B”rg for US Open title
1982 50 die in Spantax Airlines DC-10 on takeoff from Malaga, Spain
1982 Joe Lefevre gets 6 hits in one baseball game
1983 US mint strikes 1st gold coin in 50 years (Olympic Eagle)
1984 STS 41-G launch vehicle moves to launch pad
1985 John Williams introduces the new Today Show theme
1986 Bert Blyleven gives up a record 44 HRs in a season
1986 Kellye Cash (Miss Tennessee) crowned Miss America
1987 Paul Lynch of Great Britain does 32,573 push-ups in 24 hours
1988 10th time, 4 players hit baseball major-league record grand slams
1988 Hurricane Gilbert becomes strongest (26.13 barometer) hurricane in Western Hemisphere
1989 Fay Vincent named baseball commissioner
1990 Iraqi troops storm the residence of French ambassador in Kuwait
1990 Senate Judiciary Com opens hearing on confirmation of David Souter
1991 A 55 ton concrete beam falls in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium
1991 Joe Colemans 3rd 100 RBI season in a row 3 teams (Cleveland, SD & Toronto)

Jody Victor