New Beginnings

For many American families Thanksgiving is a day that involves a lot of eating, holiday films, football, and bargain hunting. There is nothing particularly wrong with any of these activities; however, stirring things up and trying something new might be a way to spark a positive change in yourself and your family.

In many ways the first Thanksgiving was about new beginnings and new relationships as much as it was about giving thanks and hope. One can easily draw these connections from both the Pilgrim and Native American perspective.

In light of that here are some ideas that might help you create new, positive holiday traditions for you and your family.

Using a plain white tablecloth and fabric markers your family can create its own personalized mosaic of memories – have everyone write their name, the date and what they are thankful for every year on the same table cloth and create a history of your family’s holiday.

Creating a family cook book can be great too. The first year add all of your favorite holiday recipes to the book. Each year following you can try out a few new recipes and continue to add the family’s favorites. If you read back over the previous few weeks blogs, there are some suggestions there to try.

One can also volunteer or make a annual donation to charity. Really any activity that has your family talking, laughing and working or playing together can work towards making everyone happier and tighter-knit.

Holiday Weather Report: Fourth of July, 2015

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

As Ohioans know, the weather can be quite a trickster at times in our state. The following is what the weather folks expect over the weekend.

The Weather Channel reports for Friday:

“…mainly dry weather is expected over most of the Northeast, southern Great Lakes, Upper Midwest, and northern Plains. The exception will be locations near the Canadian border in the Upper Midwest and northern Great Lakes, where a few showers or storms are possible.”

And they report for Saturday:

“While parts of the East and South will see the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms once again, it does not appear to be a washout, with most areas seeing storms of the hit and miss variety.”

“The good news is that the coverage of storms Saturday night will decrease in many areas with the loss of daytime heating.”

“The Northeast, Great Lakes, Upper Mississippi Valley and Northwest will enjoy the best chance of having fireworks shows go off without a weather interruption, assuming it is not too dry in spots in the West for firework celebrations.”

It seems we may get away with having our celebrations uninterrupted by bad weather after all.

We hope you all have plans for the upcoming holiday weekend whether it is to enjoy time with friends and family or to take a breather and relax at home. We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.

Jody Victor

Something Instead of Chocolates

I think most people would agree the token characteristic of any heartfelt gift is the meaning behind it. There is nothing wrong with candy and flowers, but this somehow feels like the “default setting” for Valentine’s Day. The expectation, but whose expectation?

This year I started thinking about relationships and what it really means to know and love someone – of course this could apply to not just our wives and girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends, but also our family members, children and other loved ones.

I began to think about what would show someone you really care and take notice of who they are. I think that going the extra mile in our daily lives might be the best way to do this. Something like doing the household chores that another loved one normally handles in addition to your own would be more greatly appreciated than a box of chocolates or flowers that fade; especially doing a chore for them they may not like to do, but do out of love, would show your partner that you recognize their effort. For me, I believe this might mean more than participating in the drive-thru mentality of gift giving we have all been guilty of at times.

Enjoy your holiday and the presence of your loved ones.

~ Jody Victor