“Life in a Gilded Cage” First Ladies’ Library Exhibition

“Life in a Gilded Cage” is an exhibition that spotlights the official and public duties shared by all First Ladies and how their role has expanded throughout history. Themes include those served by a First Lady on the national stage as hostess of the White House, international ambassador, campaigner, fashion symbol and Honorary National President of the Girl Scouts of the United States. Guided tours of the Saxton-McKinley House occur approximately every 45 minutes with the final tour of the day beginning at 3:00 pm. Space is limited on tours & guests are highly encouraged to call ahead for reservations. The exhibition runs until May 31st 2018.

They are the foremost repository of scholarly research and information and a leader in education about the First Ladies of the USA. They work collaboratively with the National Park Service and others to operate, support, enhance and promote the First Ladies National Historic Site.

They preserve, promote and educate about the significant role of First Ladies of the USA and their contributions throughout history.
The National First Ladies’ Library is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that operates and manages the First Ladies National Historic Site in a partnership agreement with the National Park Service. In October, 2000 President Bill Clinton signed a bill establishing the First Ladies National Site as the 380th unit of the National Park Service. The site consists of the Ida Saxton McKinley House, the family home of First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley and the longtime residence of William and Ida McKinley, and the Education and Research Center. The Ed Center has exhibit space, a Victorian theater, a research library, conference and seminar rooms, archival storage and processing rooms, and administrative offices.