Today’s History Lesson

Jody Victor: Here’s what happened on this day, August 30, In history.

31 -BC- Origin of Era of Augustus
257 St Sixtus II begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1645 Dutch & Indians sign peace treaty
1843 First black participation in national political convention (Liberty Party)
1850 Honolulu, Hawaii becomes a city
1854 John Fremont issues proclamation freeing slaves of Missouri rebels
1862 Battle of 2nd Manassas-Pope defeated by Lee-Battle of Richmond, KY
1862 Battle of Altamont-Confederates beat Union forces in Tennessee
1885 13,000 meteors seen in 1 hour near Andromeda
1888 Lord Walsingham kills 1070 grouse in a single day
1905 Ty Cobb’s 1st major league at bat (Detroit Tigers)
1906 Hal Chase became 1st Yankee to hit 3 triples in a game
1910 Yank Tom Hughes pitches 9 no-hit innings but loses to Cleve 5-0 in 11
1912 St Louis Brown Earl Hamilton no-hits Detroit Tigers, 5-1
1913 Phillies lead Giants 8-6 in top of 9th, fans in bleachers try to distract Giants, Umpire forefeits game to Giants, later overruled
1916 Boston’s Dutch Leonard no-hits St Louis Browns, 4-0
1916 Paul Von Hindenburg becomes chief-of-General-Staff in Germany
1939 NY Yankee Atley Donald pitches a baseball a record 94.7 mph (152 kph)
1941 Siege of Leningrad by Nazi troops began during WW II
1941 St Louis Card Lon Warneke no-hits Cin Reds, 2-0
1944 Soviet troops enter Bucharest Romania
1945 Hong Kong liberated from Japan
1956 White mob prevents enrollment of blacks at Mansfield HS, Texas
1961 First Negro judge of a US District Court confirmed-JB Parsons
1961 Oriole Jack Fisher walks 12 LA Angels in a 9 inning baseball game
1963 Hot Line communications link between Wash DC & Moscow went begins
1965 Casey Stengel announces his retirement after 55 years in baseball
1965 Section of Allalin glacier wipes out construction site at Mattmark Dam near Saas-Fee, Switzerland
1967 US Senate confirm Thurgood Marshall as 1st black justice
1968 First record under Apple label (Beatle’s Hey Jude)
1969 120,000 attend Texas Intl Pop Festival
1969 25,000 attend 2nd Annual Sky River Rock Festival, Tenino Wash
1969 Racial disturbances in Fort Lauderdale Florida
1974 Express train runs full speed into Zagreb, Yugo rail yard killing 153
1975 KTW-AM in Seattle Wash changes call letters to KYAC (now KKFX)
1976 Tom Brokaw becomes news anchor of the Today Show
1979 First recorded occurrence-comet hits sun (energy=1 mil hydrogen bombs)
1979 President Carter attacked by a rabbit on a canoe trip in Plains Ga
1983 8th Space Shuttle Mission-Challenger 3-launched (6 days)
1984 12th Space Shuttle Mission (41-D)-Discovery 1-launched (6 days)
1986 Soviet authorities arrested Nicholas Daniloff (US News World Report)
1987 Ben Johnson of Canada runs 100 m in world record 9.83 sec
1987 Stefka Kostadinova of Bulgaria sets high jump women’s record (6’10¬”)
1987 Yves Pol of France runs complete marathon backwards (3:57:57)
1988 Julianne Philips files for divorce from Bruce Springsteen
1988 Tennis star Chris Everett weds skier Andy Mills
1989 Roman Polanski marries actress Emmanuelle Seigner
1990 Ken Griffey & Ken Griffey Jr become 1st father & son to play on the same team (Seattle Mariners), both single in the 1st inning
1991 Dan O’Brien sets US decathalon record with 8,812 points
1991 France beats US by narrowest Ryder Cup margin – 14« to 13«
1991 Mike Powell of the US, sets then long jump record at 29′ 4«”

Jody Victor

Once Upon a Time……

Jody Victor: Here’s what happened on this day, August 23, in history.

1617 First one-way streets established (London)
1833 Britain abolishes slavery in colonies; 700,000 slaves freed
1838 Mt Holyoke Female Seminary (South Hadley, Mass) 1st graduating class
1864 Fall of Fort Morgan at Mobile
1866 Treaty of Prague ends Austro-Prussian war
1869 First carload of freight (boots & shoes) arrives in SF, from Boston
1872 First Japanese coml ship visits SF, carrying tea
1883 Phillies make 27 errors against Providence (wild pitches, walks & passballs count as errors prior to 1888)
1889 First ship-to-shore wireless message received in US (SF)
1900 National Negro Business League organizes (Boston)
1904 Automobile tire chain patented
1907 Pitts Howie Camnitz no-hits NY Giants, 1-0 in 5 inning game
1914 Japan declares war on Germany in World War I
1917 Race riot in Houston Texas (2 blacks & 11 whites killed)
1919 “Gasoline Alley” cartoon strip premiers in Chicago Tribune
1924 Mars’ closest approach to Earth since the 10th century
1939 USSR & Germany sign a non-agression pact
1944 Romania liberated from Nazi occupation (National Day 1944-1990)
1947 President Truman’s daughter, Margaret’s 1st public singing concert
1948 World Council of Churches formed by 147 churches from 44 countries
1950 West Germany & Japan readmitted to Intl Amateur Athletic Federation
1953 Phil Grate sets record for throwing a baseball (443’3«”)
1958 Marie Ashton completes playing piano a female record 133 hours
1960 World’s largest frog (3.3 kg) caught (Equatorial Guinea)
1961 US lunar probe Ranger 1 reaches 190 km from Earth, falls back
1963 Beatles release “She Loves You” in the UK
1963 Ringo admits he wrote a song “Don’t Pass Me By”
1964 St Louis Cards are 11 games back in NL, & win the World Series
1966 Lunar Orbiter 1 takes 1st photograph of Earth from Moon
1968 Ringo quits the Beatles over a disagreement, temporarily
1968 Yankees & Tigers play 3-3 tie in 19 due to 1 AM curfew
1969 Audrey McElmory (US) wins World Cycling Championships, Brno, Czechoslovakia (1st American to win cycling race title since 1912)
1972 Republican convention (Miami Beach, Fla) renominates VP Agnew but not unanimous-1 vote went to NBC newsman David Brinkley)
1973 Intelsat communications satellite launched
1977 First man-powered flight of a mile (Bryan Allen in Gossamer Condor)
1977 Yankees leap frog over Red Sox « baseball game in 1st place to stay
1979 Bolshoi Ballet dancer Alexander Godunov defects in NYC
1979 UN’s Vienna office opens
1985 Said Aouita of Morroco sets the 1.5k record (3:29.46) in Berlin
1985 Paul Hornung awarded $1,160,000 by a Louisville court against NCAA who barred him as a college football analyst for betting on games
1988 Mike Tyson & Mitch Green brawl at 4 A.M. in Harlem
1989 LA Dodgers beat Montreal Expos, 1-0, in 22 innings

Jody Victor