3 Unusual Town Names in Ohio and Their Origins

As some Ohioans know, our towns have some pretty bizarre names and some aren’t nearly as unusual as they seem. See how many of these meanings you knew about.

In Ohio our towns have some pretty weird names. A lot of people don’t are unaware of the origin of these 3 Ohio town names. Some of the origins aren’t nearly as strange as you’d imagine.

Strangely enough there is a place named Utopia, Ohio. Utopia isn’t technically a ghost town. But almost. Along the banks of the Ohio River, Clermont County, you’ll find the strange little town with its few remaining residents. Utopia used to be an unincorporated community and used to be a social commune, like many others established in the mid-19th century. These days all your find is a gas station, some scattered houses and a really weird underground chapel that might have been part of the Underground Railroad.

Next up is a really different one. Between Butler and Warren Counties is the town Blue Ball, OH. The local legend tells us the town council changed in the name in the 1800s to notate the unusual landmark of a blue metal sphere suspended above a crossroads where travelers had trouble reading the towns original sign.

I bet you didn’t know the center of the world is in Ohio did you? Well, not really. But Ohio is home to a small town called “Center of the World”. Its near Braceville Township. Its a unique and small community with some homes and local retail establishments. About the only thing that mark’s the town, besides its weird name, is the crossroads of RT 82 and 5.

Do you know of any other strange Ohio town names?