Famous Ohioan Marjorie Whiteman

Marjorie Whiteman is from Liberty Township, Ohio. She was born in 1898. Eventually she would earn two law degrees at Yale Law School. There, she edited the Yale Law Journal. Later she would become a Carnegie Fellow and study international law, which she became an expert in.

From 1920-1926 she taught high school history. In 1929 she filled a post for the State Department. This would begin her career that lasted forty years and where she would make a name for herself. She advised 10 Secretaries of State on international law during her tenure. She also served as special assistant to Green Hackworth, the department’s legal adviser at the time. Whiteman would also help the department with its role in drafting the UN Charter in 1945 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Perhaps most notably she served First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt from 1945-1951 when she was serving as the US representative to the UN General Assembly. She was a major contributor to Hackworth’s 8 volume “Digest of International Law”.

Whiteman would go on to serve as the VP of the American Society of International Law and would be chosen as a member of the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame in 1979
Ohio is proud of your service to our nation Ms. Whiteman.